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Developing Your Intuition

You were born with the ability to connect with and grow your intuition and to receive guidance along the winding road of life. Whether you use your intuitive skills or not you have them.  Your awareness and belief in your own power are the building blocks to cultivate your intuition.  Read more….

Intuition Basics

Intuition is often described as a sixth sense, inner wisdom, inner guidance, an instinct, a gut feeling, a hunch and the list goes on. Join us as we explore the many ways intuitive messages can come to us and learn to fine tune this connection. We all have the ability to tune into this rich source of guidance and we all need support … Read more …

Intuition in Business

A combination of data and intuition can lead you to the positive results you are seeking and we will show you how.  Make decisions and move forward with ease.

Healing Arts

Healing Arts and alternative medicine are the corner stones for promoting healing, wellness and navigating through changes naturally.

Earth Energies

Earth Energies

Earth energies are composed of a natural and subtle form of electrical energy. Much of the positive energy in your body consists of earth energy.


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Get Ready to Act on Your Inspiration

A new idea pops into your awareness and lights up your world. What do you do when you feel inspired? Apparently, inspiration is a little impatient and wants you to act now. You need to be ready to act on inspiration and the sooner you act on inspiration the better....

An Important Message About Inspiration You Need Now

Inspiration is fleeting. It comes and goes on its own mysterious schedule making scientific research rather inconclusive.  Scientific understanding of inspiration gets complicated because inspiration is often associated with the supernatural or divine. What's up with...

Find peace in challenging times

Are you stuck in pandemic blues? Or just plain stuck? It’s scary to be thrown into changes by a world turned upside down.  When life is in turmoil you know you need to find peace! I was there. I was lost, afraid, angry, and losing ground every day. The pandemic played...

Now is the time to be present

Are you looking for another piece to the puzzle for living your best possible life? Be Present. It sounds simple. It is simple. Being present is a practice you can do anywhere at any time and it’s key to your health and happiness. There is one catch to this simplicity...

Find Your Why and How to Get Grounded

You've heard about the need to get grounded.The earth is an electrical planet and it’s no coincidence that your body needs and responds to the earth’s energy. Your body operates bio-electrically. When you get grounded you feel more connected. You feel better...

Divine Inspiration Meets Distraction

Divine inspiration arrives in various ways. It lights up your life with ideas and passion as new opportunities arrive where obstacles used to exist. I’ve felt that ease and flow. More recently I’ve experienced the defeat of extreme distraction that left me searching...

Manifest your dreams . . . your order is up!

It’s the season of reflection and anticipation to manifest your dreams. When I look at my progress, I’m ready for a manifesting generator to bring more of my dreams to life. I understand how everything in my life has come full circle and how every opportunity,...

It’s always a good time to walk in nature

I’m getting ready for an early morning adventure. It's always a good time for a walk in nature however mornings are my favorite to explore fertile ground. A walk in nature is a pleasant ritual my Springer Spaniel insists I do to start the day. Today I’ve kept Lily...

Essential Oils for Christmas and all year long …

Traditions last and the old becomes new again. When i wanted to explore essential oils for Christmas and the holidays it’s no wonder I was drawn to talk with Lynn LeVasseur again. She overflows with knowledge and a real appreciation for what essential oils bring to...

Balance Is The New Black ~ A Timeless Staple That Never Goes Out of Style

Fall has officially started meaning crisp weather and falling rustic colored leaves paint the busy streets in the city I call home.  Warm-toned scarves, wool sweaters, knee-high boots, and leather jackets all emerge from the depths of your closet that have been...

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