I’m getting ready for an early morning adventure. It’s always a good time for a walk in nature however mornings are my favorite to explore fertile ground. A walk in nature is a pleasant ritual my Springer Spaniel insists I do to start the day.

Today I’ve kept Lily quiet long enough to let the sun rise a little higher and streams of sunlight now call to me. I am preparing myself for temperatures barely above zero. The ground is frozen solid and there’s little snow to insulate every living, sleeping thing. Morning frost covers the tiniest remnants of warmer days.

Preparation of heart and mind for a walk in nature

Springer Spaniel waiting to walk in nature

Lily runs free and watches anything that moves!

 Proper attire is important on these cold mornings but more important is the preparation of heart and mind. The heart will draw you forward because it longs for ritual and communion. Any routine can take on a magical quality; it’s a little ritual of the heart. You can engage your heart and ask what is your heart’s desire. Listen, watch, be present and have fun.

“I have learned that the point of life’s walk is not where or how far I move my feet but how I am moved in my heart.”
― Anasazi Foundation, The Seven Paths: Changing One’s Way of Walking in the World

Be aware of your thoughts, clear your mind and leave your worries behind as you embark on an adventure in nature. Whether it is a few steps or a day’s hike use your time in nature to be open to receive gifts of wonder. Synchronicity is often looking for you.

As I head out the door I feel the excitement and anticipate the connection to the life-giving force of mother earth beneath my feet. The earth nurtures and supports all life on this planet and we are energized by the electromagnetic power of mother earth and her healing powers.

Writing to you provides a boost to set intentions and to visualize clearly. I am focused and mindful as I begin my walk in nature and consciously acknowledge earth’s energy rising up through my feet, legs, through the root chakra, solar plexus, and reaching my heart center.

A few more steps and with another deep breath of cold, fresh air I visualize heavenly energy coming down through my crown chakra. It travels through my lazy third eye, past the throat chakra opening any blockage before it mingles with and expands the earth energy awaiting the arrival of divine oneness in my heart center.

A couple more steps and I’m grounded. I feel the hard earth under my feet, breathe cool air deep into my lungs and know there is magic here in this moment. I’m connected to nature. I look around and survey the landscape. I’m open and receptive to explore and feel what I’m drawn to.


A walk in nature is always fertile ground

It’s always a good time for a walk in nature. Morning is just one time that comes around each day with a routine opportunity. Take a few minutes whenever you can to walk on the grass, gaze at a tree or watch a bird soar. If you make time for a walk (dog optional),  you know it will be a good time in nature.

There may be a fun story waiting to be told, a synchronicity – that nudge from the universe or simply an opportunity to be grounded. Nature provides all you need and is particularly good at delivering messages and offering guidance. A walk in nature may be subtle or amazing but it’s always fertile ground.

When you spend time in nature it is your job to sense and interpret what shows up. Today’s walk did not produce any big hairy messages or new revelations. I did see my breath, felt the cold on my cheeks, surveyed the field for wild visitors and wondered about wood nymphs when I said hello to a favorite tree. No matter what the outcome it’s always a good time to walk in nature. I also found much joy writing this post!

Go walk, go wander, observe and feel the simple magic of being alive in nature. Either a few steps or long walk –  rain or shine.

What do you find when you walk in nature?




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