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Cultivate Your Intuition is based in Maine where nature reminds us of the way life should be.
Maine deer and twin fawns

Maine is home to many natural wonders. Momma and her twins were captured on a game camera roaming playfully in the back yard. This wild natural energy supports and influences the work at CYI.

We strive to be a trustworthy resource for information and inspiration for our readers as they grow in their ability to tap into their personal reservoir of intuition and experience their true power.

In addition to sharing personal insights, experience and research we explore and recommend products and services that are worth both your time and your money. 

CYI is blessed to have a cast of supportive and friendly characters who research, provide advice, encouragement and reasons to smile. 

  “Wildness is the preservation of the World.”

― Henry David Thoreau

Hi! I’m Dianne
Cultivate Your Intuition is my creation.

I have a long track record
as a seeker and believer of our
innate inner wisdom. 

Like you, I’m searching to find meaning, guidance and assistance
in a busy modern world.

My aspirations to connect more deeply with my inner wisdom were renewed after a colon cancer diagnosis.  I am six years cancer
free and actively realigning my priorities in a new light.  

This website is a direct result
of my search for meaning and desire to live my best possible life.

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