Contrast and Clarity, an abundance tool used in the Law of Attraction practice, is present in every component that makes up our life experience as our internal guidance system responds. Our life experience comes to us by the powerful Law of Attraction’s response to the thoughts that we think and the story we tell about our life.  Money or other financial assets, our body’s state of wellness, our work environment and relationships are all happening because of the story we tell.  It seems like no matter how hard we strive for clarity around positive results, unwanted events continue to show up.

We continue to need the contrast to further refine our clarity.  Abraham says, “We want you to know what you don’t want so that you can know what you do want, and we want you to feel the difference. We want you to feel the relief when you turn in the direction of what you do want, and we want you to feel the knowing that you have improved your vibration. . . . .   Reach for the thought that feels better, and move in the direction of what you are wanting — and then feel the new manifestation.”

Your Internal Guidance System works with Contrast and Clarity

Contrast and Clarity are part of your internal guidance system.  Clarity cannot be so exhilarating if there is not some contrast, some less than wonderful data or experience that makes you clarify your desire, feel the joy and guide you forward. Here’s the good news . . . it’s really ok when something unwanted shows up. That undesirable event is your opportunity to focus on and clarify what you do want.

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