Change can often set off anxiety and a string of changes (wanted or unwanted) can roll you into overwhelm really fast. Everything changes and many of us are experiencing generous shifts and changes.  Don’t let the tides and changes of life cripple you. Ask for help to relieve anxiety and overwhelm.

It’s part of our ancestral survival skills going amuck – we’re really not accustomed to the fast pace of modern life. Today so much is happening so fast and there’s sooo much info!

When those fight or flight signals keep coming at a fast pace, how do you manage that?

How do you stay present when life seems to be going off the rails?

Recently overwhelm was ready to push me over the cliff and I used the technique from Robert Moss I’ve talked about before; ask “I want guidance on____________”. I filled in the blank asking my guides to confirm help was available in a big way.

I needed to ask for help to know divine assistance was on board, ready and willing to direct the busy lineup of projects and events that were in process. Everything felt like it was beyond my ability to regulate. I knew with help and guidance on board it could come together and the details would magically work out.

Soon after I asked for help, I received wonderful synchronistic answers through my daily voyages in nature. Many teachers spotlight the importance of being open to messages in our environment. Any environment will speak to you. I live in rural Maine where it’s still a bit wild and interaction with nature happens all the time.

What sounded like a crow conference one morning as I headed out for a walk was a delightful sound and sign. Many voices – meant many helpers were dispensing legions to my rescue. A little later, a dragonfly darted in and around the garage and brought smiles and recognition of another meaningful coincidence. The dragonfly’s ability to move, change directions and its connection to nature spirits and fairy realms makes it a welcome visitor.

Then, a trip to Sandy Beach Pond south of Boston where I was caring for my niece after a double mastectomy brought another winged messenger. My early morning rising was rewarded with a white goose fly by–there for me as everyone else slept.

I appreciate these visits and interactions. They serve as messengers to ease our hearts and calm our hurried minds. According to Robert Moss, watching and listening to birds is a primary oracle. Heavenly divination on wings.

hand reaching out of water with help sign to relieve anxietyEven after such sweet messages brought me peace and presence, several days later I was back to anxiety and overwhelm. All those answers to my prayers and requests for guidance were forgotten. As I renewed my quest to relieve the stress, I started to realize that my return to anxiety and overwhelm is an old pattern that is full of resistance. Finding a simple solution was a challenge to my belief system.

If I truly and completely believed help was always available and ready to guide me through any task or unknown event, anxiety and overwhelm would not have a chance. My belief system was stuck in a familiar pattern of self-sabotage.

Suffering Is Optional!

Assistance is available when you ask. It’s the believing and remembering as you move forward that is tricky. Divine assistance is always willing to show us the way. Sometimes the best way forward is not what we expect or imagined, and our resistance stirs up more obstacles.

It requires courage to be present, to be mindful, to move forward confidently, to feel and know it’s all working out when life seems to be steering you off course. It’s not always comfortable to step into the power that is available to us. It takes courage to ask for help.

We don’t always have a choice about the challenges that come up in life, but we do have a choice about how we respond. There are many options available. You can choose to ask for help to relieve anxiety and overwhelm. I am learning to trust my intuition, to work with divine guidance and to ask for help.

Remember you always have assistance available and you are always in the right place at the right time. All the forces of nature are cooperating to help show you the way forward to the best possible outcome. Ask and believe.

When life seems out of control, how do you ask for help?

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