Do you ask questions? You know the things that matter most to you and the things you yearn to learn and experience in more depth. Are you asking the big pivotal questions as well as the mundane day to day ones?

Today I embrace the need to ask questions. Small ones as well as the really big ones.  If I had consciously asked more questions today, I would have found a much clearer, straighter path forward. Instead I ran some circles.

A couple of simple questions directed to your inner guide will provide valuable information. Your inner guide is always ready to assist so why not ask questions often? What do I need to know? How much? Is this ridiculous?

Warm up your asking with some mundane questions and get ready to ask the big, pivotal questions.

ask questions Gregg Braden's book human by design I listened to Gregg Braden’s interview with Dr. Robyn Benson on The Shift Network’s Winter of Wellness 2018. Gregg Braden is a best selling author and a cutting edge pioneer in bridging science and spirituality.

The interview was all about Gregg’s new book, Human by Design: From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice. Gregg asks the big questions I don’t even have the understanding to ask so he fills a deeper need for all of us. (Sorry the link to this interview is no longer available.)

After listening to Gregg Braden’s recent interview I see the need to ask bigger questions and question everything. Why? Because we have been taught so much shit that is no longer serving us or simply is no longer true.

Science is producing reasons to think differently about ourselves and change how we live. Gregg is asking the big questions and tells us it’s time to think differently.

He talks about a new story that is emerging and emphasizes the potential for self-regulation and declares a part of that is an ability to connect deeply with one another and to the earth.

Science has proof we are wired to self regulate

Self regulation allows you to:

  • choose to create powerful immune responses in your body
  • be deeply intuitive and connect to all life
  • activate anti-aging enzymes

Gregg is very comforting when he tells Dr. Benson the more we know ourselves the less we fear the world and others and the changes that are currently taking place.

Gregg’s insight into science and spirituality is giving us new reasons to think differently about ourselves and how we live. We are encouraged to see what earth is telling us; not what we are being told by those with an agenda such as politics and religion. The world is changing quickly and we need to ask big questions.

Heart coherence, harmonizing of the heart and brain, is at the center of Gregg’s message.

monk in monastery ask questions with heart coherenceAncient traditions did not teach the science of heart coherence but they had the techniques and used the heart brain connection to accomplish their mystical experiences.

These experiences are not just for the yogis and the monks in monasteries. We have this ability and we all need this now. We are living in a time of extremes and Gregg’s message expounds the need to respond and be resilient in a healthy way.

Yes, that’s a lot to absorb… Direct quotes were difficult to glean from the audio but I believe I captured the parts and pieces of significance. New deeper questions have emerged:


What can I do to be more deeply intuitive?
How can I create a more powerful immune system?
How can I connect more deeply with my body and with the earth?

Those are big questions I hope to find some answers to when I read this book, Human by Design: From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice. There’s no question; I have ordered this book!

Meanwhile, what simple questions can you put into your daily routine to connect with your inner guide more often, more easily?

A good place to start is to ask questions that only need Yes or No answers. I cook a lot and often ask for assistance because I tend to deviate from a recipe. What simple activity can you use to activate more questions in your daily routine? Ask the question; where can I put more questions in my day?

Or you can stir up some I wonder questions. I wonder what color? I wonder what time? I wonder who is calling? You’ll find more information in our free ebook 7 Easy Keys to Unlock Your Intuition.

When you are comfortable with yes/no answers, move into more open ended questions:

What can I do for fun right now?
When should I leave?
How much x y z?

Are you getting the idea? Question everything including the little mundane things and get ready for the big, pivotal ones. Question the really big things we’ve been taught to accept. Expand outside of what you think you know and order Gregg’s new book today.

If you are familiar with Gregg Braden’s work or would like to hear more, I’d love to hear your comments below. 

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