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What’s happening in the stars today?


Favorite FREE resources to help you stay tuned to what’s happening in the cosmos.

Forever Conscious 

Weekly Energy Forecasts by Tanaaz is a favorite go to for what is happening in the stars. The link will take you to her website, Forever Conscious, where you can sign-up for her free weekly forecast. Every Sunday you receive an email with a link to her weekly forecasts. You can also find her weekly forecasts on her website and on You Tube.


Hare In The Moon

Lorna Bevan is a qualified Psychological Astrologer, Jungian Psychotherapist and Master NLP Coach and shares a unique perspective. Her weekly forecasts are deep and soul searching.  Each week she provides the big picture of what’s happening and then breaks it down by astrological sign.

Divine Harmony

This link will take you to the weekly forecast. Be sure to sign-up to get these sent right to your in-box. You won’t want to miss this astrologer, writer and teacher with a Masters in Depth Psychology.

Raquel Spring

Raquel is a 4th generation astrologer with a beautiful soul inside and out. There’s not a weekly forecast but she is very active on Facebook. She has a unique perspective and I highly recommend you connect with her.

Feed your curiosity about the planets

Here’s a simple scientific visual that shows celestial objects to scale in size, rotation speed, and tilt.

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