Fall has officially started meaning crisp weather and falling rustic colored leaves paint the busy streets in the city I call home.  Warm-toned scarves, wool sweaters, knee-high boots, and leather jackets all emerge from the depths of your closet that have been waiting for you all year long. Every month in 2018 I have dedicated a new theme for my personal development. From Gratitude in January, Nourishment in March, Surrender in August and Balance in September. Balance is the new black.

In September, I found myself working way too late and I wanted to find my balance. I always advocate for a work-life balance, but I failed to take my own advice. Don’t get me wrong. I do take my moment to “namaste” and go on my daily nature walks. But I didn’t feel rejuvenated. I was consumed in my own thoughts about work even during my nature walks.

The last few months have been extremely busy. I found myself saying, “Ten minutes more!”, and then that ten minutes turned into 30 minutes and later turned into an hour! I  needed to change something. I needed to find balance.

I felt so unaligned with everything. I was waking up every day, feeling groggy from the day before, putting on the comfiest clothes I could find and just eager to work. I was hungry every single day for knowledge, for work and hungry to fulfill my goals. I wanted to take control of my day and make sure everything was running smoothly.

Being hungry is not a bad thing, but you also need to learn how to take the time to nourish your mind, your body, and your soul. I found balance is the new black.

What else could I do in my work-life to find balance besides evening nature walks and writing in my daily gratitude journal? I found that instead of focusing the balance at the end of the day, I should take a few steps back. I started to focus on finding balance from the moment I started my day and surrendered to how each day unfolds.


Balance Is The New Black


It was my mission to get back the balance I truly needed. I now wake up an hour earlier and take that hour for me to find balance. I make my morning coffee, do a mini yoga flow, listen to music, an inspirational podcast and journal about anything on my mind. I ensure that I have a daily mantra to help set the tone for my day.

This also gives me extra time to get ready and put together that fall outfit I have been waiting all summer to wear. Balance is the new black.

Once I have my leather boots on, my morning coffee, and a positive mindset, I am ready to start my workday. With my morning balance practice I find I am able to focus my mind on one thing at a time instead of feeling like my mind has like a million tabs open on an internet browser.

Not only is it important to have a work-life balance but to learn how to find balance in your thoughts and emotions. Over the summer, I fell in love with Gabby Bernstein and her book, “The Universe Has Got Your Back”. This book changed my life! It made me think, challenge myself and surrender to the art of finding my balance.

As a businesswoman with a background in hospitality who previously planned events for a living, it was only natural for me to plan everything out even in my personal life. You plan your quarterly goals, your yearly goals, and even plan out every hour of your day.


But you know what they say, when you plan, God laughs.

I explored the art of surrender back in August
, however, this was honestly a hard theme for me to digest; especially as a professional planner. Gabby Bernstein says, when you learn to surrender, you surrender some more.

How can I fully surrender my goals, my vision, my plans and let things unfold? How can I find balance being a planner and learn to surrender?

An important part of finding your balance is learning to surrender. It does not mean that you give up your goals and your dreams. But simply, surrender to them. Once you learn how to surrender you can truly find balance in your life. You learn to set your goals and you also learn to have faith and surrender.

Find Balance on Upper East Side NYC

Find balance on the Upper East side NYC

You can feel your energy suddenly shift inside of you. You feel more at peace with yourself and your surroundings, and you feel happier and more grateful. You radiate a sense of grace, positivity, and light that people can’t help to notice that there is something different about you.


People will start to think that you got a whole new fall wardrobe or a fall makeover. The next time you strut that new outfit, don’t forget to add the newest fall accessory: Balance.


Balance looks good on you girl. In fact, it looks good on everyone. Balance is the new black.

Lucy Capul is the Director of Old Fashioned Marketing & Consulting. Old Fashioned Marketing & Consulting is an ode to her hospitality background, both professionally and personally, as well as an ode to whiskey lovers, just like herself. It is a place where small and large businesses are supported in their marketing goals and efforts. Marketing is not one size fits all and Lucy will create your customized “marketing cocktail”. Old Fashioned Marketing provides services from website design, social media marketing, branding and more focusing on a lifelong partnership with each client. What drink can Lucy make for you today?

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