Synchronicity happens all the time. It happens to you, it happens to me and it happens to everyone on the bus. The magic of coincidence is happening all around us and more often than many of us realize.

Several synchronicities happened recently and (step one) I acknowledged them. I did not see their occurrence as random or mere coincidence. I saw the magic of coincidence and decided it was time for research.

Then my husband came home puzzled and excited with his own synchronicity story asking “How could that ad come on the radio just when I’m thinking about my conversation with the wellness coach at work?”  He had a point. After all how often do you hear ads on the radio for colonoscopies? Synchronicity also got his attention.

Hubby barely gets what I am doing so he had no idea that I was intending to write about synchronicity or that research was in progress. His experience and curiosity was simply another synchronistic sign I was on the right track and for me to keep digging.

The following is a compilation of information and insight that was offered up on the world wide web for everyone’s synchronistic enjoyment.

Let the Magic Begin…..

How often have you experienced the magic of thinking about someone when the phone rings and you get a little burst of excitement to find them on the line? Or you have an idea stuck in your head and snippets of information start popping up in headlines, late night talk shows, advertisements or a call from a friend talking about the same idea.

Those are common examples of synchronicity most of us readily acknowledge but there’s a lot more waiting to be discovered.



magic of coincidence and synchronicityVarious resources refer to synchronicity as moments of chance, luck, parallel events and, the most common: coincidence. There were different descriptions like meaningful coincidence, mere coincidence or uncanny coincidence.

Some say there is no such thing as coincidence because it’s always synchronicity. Is there a difference? Whatever. I happen to like the magic of coincidence.

“When you live your life with an appreciation
of coincidences and their meanings,
you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities.
This is when the magic begins.”
~ Deepak Chopra

Call it whatever you like but how do you know it’s synchronicity? Your feelings in the moment say a lot because it was described as coming with a feeling of awe, wonder or a sense of fascination. These are special events that are considered to have a sacred quality where you just know something special happened. An ah-ha moment. You might call it the magic of coincidence or you might want to call it an eyes wide open holy shit moment! It will evoke a feeling you will not quickly forget.

Numinous was used several times to describe the quality of synchronicity and I had to look that one up. Our good friend Merriam-Webster defines numinous as:

  1. supernatural, mysterious
  2. filled with a sense of the presence of divinity.

Ok, I’ll take a numinous experience. Thank you, universe!

Your Inner Collaborator and Numinous Synchronicity


Consider synchronicity to be your numinous inner collaborator. I prefer inner guide but it’s really a crew, your very own crew, coordinating and collaborating events and experiences to help guide you. You can set an intention and synchronicity will produce some unique ways to greet you and show you the way forward.

“Coincidence is the language of the stars.
For something to happen,
so many forces have to be put into action.”
~ Paulo Coelho

Other noteworthy descriptions include a universal wink, a universal nod and even a tick from the universe confirming you are on the right track. All this winking, nodding and ticking must come with some magical inner collaboration.

Synchronicities are meant to be road signs and things you need to know. Doesn’t that sound like your guides and angels at work? Unfortunately, our western culture consistently underemphasizes and undervalues these signs along the road of life. For some reason, our roots have not been aligned with the magic of coincidence.

It’s time to wake up and get the message. Or at least be aware of the nudge the universe is giving you. Once you accept the invitation from the universe to look deeper into magic coincidences, it’s easier to find their meaningful interconnections and you can begin to interpret these events.

Runes and Tarots Come Under The Spell of Synchronicity

synchronicity - magician tarot cardRunes, Tarot cards, I Ching and other divination practices are demonstrations of synchronicity. Have you ever had a tarot reading and picked a couple of random tarot cards and found their meaning and placement to provide the perfect insight for where you’ve been or where you are at a moment in time?

Or maybe you have drawn a rune with a symbol that held the very message you needed to hear.

There are other divination practices that possess these same synchronistic qualities but I had never recognized these practices or thought of these events as synchronicity. I believed something magical was at work but I had not made the connection to synchronicity. It does make sense that for the right rune or card to be drawn at a moment in time your inner collaborator, your inner guides, are working through the magic of synchronicity. It’s all part of the same vibration, pulse or resonance.

I clearly see synchronicity needs more research and part II will give you tips to flex your synchronicity muscles! So stay tuned for part II and get ready to expand your synchronicity and maybe even explore the mystery of quark.

Meanwhile, please comment or share your latest synchronicity. I’d love to hear your experience.

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