Communication is all about connection — an important connection that transfers information from one place to another. Communication involves a sender and a receiver conveying information through a communication channel. No surprise communication theory lists all the modern channels available today but there is no mention of communication with spirit. How do we find the frequency to improve this connection?

Let’s dive into communication with spirit and find some clarity around deciphering spirit or ego. We’ve all got questions.  Simple ones, like where to find your keys? What time to schedule an appointment? What’s the best route to get me there on time?

Life changing questions are more complex. Do I take this job? San Francisco is calling me – how do I make the move? What school to enroll in? How can I improve my health? Whether your question is big or small the need for guidance is the same.

You simply want to move from A (can be anything at all) to B (anything else) — and have the best possible outcome.  Spirit, your inner guide, wants the same for you – the best possible outcome.

Ego involvement is clearly the biggest obstacle for clear communication with spirit.  How do you know if you are connecting and deciphering correctly when the filter of your ego is accustomed to being engaged? Or, even worse, it’s running the show.

One of the easiest and most charming pieces of advice I found recently was to start with a humble heart.  A humble heart is not filled with righteousness or other ego based characteristics. I’m taking a leap of faith and advocating your conversation with spirit can best begin with a little heart coherence.

I’ve written about heart coherence recently and it can provide a solid foundation for your efforts. Gregg Braden’s work and his course “Wired To Thrive” utilizes heart coherence to get you into what Braden calls an altered state where you are able to ask questions and you receive guidance. Engaging the heart is totally recommended for beginners because practicing heart coherence will help initiate your communication with spirit. Also, the humble part will put the ego on notice to take a break. 


The Characteristics of Spirit

Most importantly spirit is always positive, always seeking the best possible outcome for you. There’s no drama in spirit and focusing on the humble heart will help steer you away from the grip of ego that separates you from your soul.

It’s helpful to get a better understanding of ego vs spirit. The mind/intellect/ego is a much different character and with practice you can quickly learn to tell when ego answers instead of spirit. You don’t need 100% accuracy but you will need to get familiar with your own unique feeling, the tone, the expression of spirit and how it speaks to you whether it’s with words, feelings, signs or just knowing.

Communication With Spirit: A Checklist – What to Expect!  

  • Spirit is a still or quiet voice.
  • Never commanding.
  • Never guilty.
  • Engenders Joy.
  • You’re never asked to sacrifice.
  • Supportive.
  • Often funny.
  • Always insightful.
  • Honest  – which can be a pain sometimes.
  • Not judgmental, pushy or negative.
  • Kind & helpful and might include a kick in the butt.

Spirit guides can be a little cheeky. They are serious about helping you, but don’t usually take themselves, or you, too seriously.

Interestingly, research about communication with spirit brought up many resources from religious websites regarding communication with the Holy Spirit. This not a religious practice we’re discussing but the information is the same although some believers in the Holy Spirit will strongly disagree that we are talking about the same thing. I found these gems to share and demonstrate the point….

I am thankful for The Holy Spirit because “He helps me” – Romans 8:26 

“He teaches me.” – John 2:27 

“He reveals truth to me.” – John 16:13-15 

“He empowers me.”  – Ephesians 3:16 


I was raised catholic and was always intrigued by the many references to the Holy Spirit as well as angels appearing at eventful times and often with the sound of a horn or trumpet.

Messages from your guides are kind and helpful although they are not always what you want to hear. When you are in tune with spirit, right people, places and circumstances unfold in perfect timing.

You may feel free and fearless and empowered to live the life of your dreams. Doesn’t this sound like someone you’d like to talk to?

Ask your guides! Talk to angels! Get the conversation going.


Get to Know Ego and Let It Go

Ego, mind, intellect does not involve the same qualities as spirit.  Ego has many methods to keep you separate and safe from anything it does not understand or cannot control. It’s important to learn to recognize and be aware of the differences of ego and spirit.

The following list  of ego characteristics and the spirit counterpart came from an article by Mary Allen, Inner Peace Coach and author of The Power of Inner Choice.  You will find the full article here. The first word is the characteristic of ego and the second word is the corresponding characteristic or counterpart of spirit.

Ego vs. Spirit…    


Picture of a wise owl who is in communication with the spirit world

Wise Owl Wants To Know: Who is communicating? Ego or Spirit?

  • Separation vs. Connection
  • Mind vs. Heart
  • Victim vs. Taking Responsibility
  • Excuses vs. Results
  • SHOULDS vs. Inspiration
  • Resistance vs. Acceptance
  • Restricted vs. Freedom
  • Confusion vs. Clarity
  • Suppressed vs. Fully Self-Expressed
  • Worry vs. Anticipation
  • Stuck vs. Creativity
  • Stressed vs. Peace
  • Frustrated vs. Resourceful
  • Protection vs. Vulnerable
  • Fear vs. Love
  • Laziness vs. Nurturing
  • Doubt vs. Trust
  • Scarcity vs. Abundance
  • Shut-down vs. Open
  • Shame vs. Acceptance
  • Apprehension vs. Courageous
  • Struggle vs. Flow

Be aware of the variety of feelings as you begin to discern the responses to your questions.  Getting in touch with your feelings and the characteristics of ego and spirit will help lead you to clearer receptivity.

One more great tip about deciphering a message tells you to:  

 State what you heard or felt. 

“This is the message I received (repeat the message).” 

 Then ask “Is that correct?”

Although we are encouraged to ask open-ended questions, this yes/no inquiry allows spirit to easily and quickly verify the message.  This little exercise helps to hone your accuracy and provides immediate feedback on your communication with spirit.  Adding the verification may fast track your learning curve and be especially helpful with complex inquiries.

Don’t expect 100% accuracy but you can improve and grow your ability each step along the way. I feel the need to remind my readers that I am not yet proficient at communication with spirit. Sometimes I’m amazed by my laziness (Oh, is that ego?) and simply do not want to do the work.  Other times, I’m on autopilot and the process of asking my guides is simply not yet an automatic component in my daily choices.

Progress is an ongoing adventure!

What adventures are you having with spirit?

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