Crystal vibrations affect our energy

Why we love Crystals and Gemstones


Who doesn’t love a beautiful crystal brought forth from the earth? Earth energy at its finest! Even if you know nothing about their spiritual or healing properties you can still be intrigued by and drawn to their natural beauty. Crystals, gemstones, and minerals have been used around the world and throughout the ages for their energetic properties.

Information and resources are being gathered for you to explore the many uses of crystals and gemstones. Please visit again soon!  Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures from mining in Western Maine.


Understand Vibration and You Will Understand Crystals


     ~ Article contributed by Marjorie Perrier of North Yarmouth, Maine. A lady of many talents, a crystal aficionado and writer. Marjorie’s bio is in our directory.

To understand crystals we have to understand vibration. Everything is vibrating energy. What makes one thing different from another is it’s unique combination of vibrating components. A tree is different from a dog and yet many of their most basic properties are the same, just combined differently, which creates their diverse expressions.  Each one of us has a unique vibrational signature.

Crystals are part of, and grow from the living vibration of the Earth. Each type of crystal has its own unique vibration.

The atoms in our cells as well as the atoms that make up everything else, are in constant motion which creates a vibration. Below the atom, smaller than the atom, is the quark which is just a quivering flow of energy easily affected by thought and mood.

Feeling is the recognition of this vibration, our realization of it. We are so used to the 5 senses we don’t even realize we are feeling vibration, physically. The 6th sense recognizes vibration that has not become physical — like unexpressed anger.


Our Energy and well-being is affected by Crystal Vibration


Crystals affect our energy by their vibration. Their unique expression when added to ours and in harmony with our vibration will benefit our well-being. They can enhance it, clear it, purify it; expand our mind, expand our sensitivity, calm us down or excite us; bring ideas, information, answers and inspiration;  bring love into our lives from without and from within.

When we are attracted to a particular crystal, it is because our essence recognizes the opportunity to aid us in our constant search for understanding our self, why we are here and where are we going. It can also be an aid to our health or to bring peace amongst constant turmoil.

Crystals are a gift from the Earth, from the Universe, from Source to enhance our journey. They are neither good nor bad but are created through the love that is the Universe, for creation requires love. May you find a crystal that feels good to you.  Love it and all its unique qualities will open up to you.

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