Divine inspiration arrives in various ways. It lights up your life with ideas and passion as new opportunities arrive where obstacles used to exist. I’ve felt that ease and flow. More recently I’ve experienced the defeat of extreme distraction that left me searching for a way forward.

This website and blog was birthed through divine inspiration. Everything here came to life through inspiration on the heels of colon cancer and chemo therapy. That shit makes you stop, take a good look around and then propels you forward to new uncharted places. A major life event has the power to open a new door through the power of divine inspiration.

I worked through lots of fears about putting myself and my beliefs on the web. I felt especially clueless blogging about my experience and loving life after cancer. Divine inspiration was incredibly supportive during those times as I had to claim my spirituality. Time passed and then I got distracted.

A reality check proves every website has basic expenses month after month with no end in sight. Nearly all of the original growth was fueled by expensive Facebook Ads. A big Thank You and shout out to those of you who signed up and continue to open my occasional emails.

The intention of this website is to support and encourage your intuitive experience and spiritual growth. But how do you get paid for information that is free and divinely available for everyone? How do you create a business model and keep it viable especially if you’re not selling or promoting products and services?

Distraction Meets Divine Inspiration


My focus shifted to a former business plan for fundraising for schools and non-profits. Do some good for the world, earn some cold hard cash in a more traditional way and grow Cultivate Your Intuition. The plan made total sense even though it lacked the depth of divine inspiration. The excitement was alive again with the promise of great things to follow.

I was working non-stop, hardly sleeping and stressed to the max. There were plenty of signs along the way that were ignored. The signs just didn’t register. I committed to the revival of that old business plan as the way to give this website all that it needed. It’s easy to get lost in hard work and believe you must adapt to stress to find success. The path to freedom is fraught with challenges….and it’s the strong that survive. Isn’t that what we’ve been taught?

I went all in on the new plan and allowed Cultivate Your Intuition to wane and wither. It took a major jolt to snap me out of my misguided plan. I tumbled into despair before I could finally see the way forward once again.

“Every moment is a fresh beginning.”  T.S. Eliot

divine inspiration comes with double rainbow

Double rainbow over my garden!

I’m back! I’m back to sharing my spiritual experiences and insights with you. I’ve signed up for an amazing course through The Shift Network. Sandra Ingerman is offering a new class, Shamanic Journeying with Nature Spirits. Recent topics are “The Intelligence of Nature” and “How Plants & Trees Teach, Inspire and Heal Us”.

Sandra leads a large class of online seekers on amazing journeys to Middle Earth. We learn how we can interact with animals, plants and ancient beings in a new and meaningful way. It’s exciting.

I’m blessed to have a back yard where nature exists in it’s raw and natural state where I can readily practice what I’ve learned. Every day is different and yet it’s always the same gentle, supportive environment. Inspiration is on a roll once again.

What inspires you? What keeps you inspired?

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