Geomancy – the ancient art of earth divination!

Geomancy literally means earth divination or divining the earth. It’s an ancient art that was present in all cultures through time but forgotten in western culture until very recently.

Geomancy is the art of using various tools to connect with hidden knowledge and connect to the energy of earth. It is an art of attuning to the genius loci, the consciousness within the landscape.  By using various intuitive methods and techniques a geomancer connects with the hidden knowledge and natural energies that exist within the environments around us.

This hidden knowledge connects to and informs the tangible and intangible aspects of  both our built environments and the natural world.  Therefore it shapes our lives in very powerful ways.

A geomancer analyzes the subtle earth energies that ebb and flow throughout  the landscape.  These energies influence health, wealth, home, garden as well as work spaces. Geomancy works harmoniously with all these energies to enhance one’s relationship with the spirit of place (the genius loci).

Working with a geomancer can help you design, locate, align and activate your space so that it connects with and enhances the natural energies of the earth.  The geomancer is like a gatekeeper who can create portals ‘between the worlds’. If you want to connect with the sacred, a geomancer can help you build that gate.  They can tell you the best location for placement of an altar in your living space as well as determine if a power center is present.

Utilize a geomancer can help clear your environment of unwanted energies and arrange your space to attract beneficial supportive energies in alignment with your highest intentions.


Geomancy and Feng Shui


I had the good fortune of finding Janet Moller, a Geomancer, soon after we built our home.  I was actually seeking feng shui assistance and learned the work of geomancy was, ideally, the first step. 

Feng shui is one expression of geomancy, but Janet’s work engaged more specifically with the western geomanic tradition rooted in the British Isles.  Feng shui is clearly an eastern tradition.

The revelations and healing from this work provided insight into our new location and made a significant impact on how we utilized our living space to create a harmonious relationship within our home and on our land.

You can find contact information for Janet MacPherson Moller, Geomancer, on our Earth Energies and Geomancy Resource page.


Space clearing for alignment and good health – removing Geopathic Stress


Underground water and earth energies have been associated with geopathic stress, ‘sick building syndrome’, as well as psycho-spiritual disturbances such as ghosts, poltergeists etc. Geomancy provides space clearing for atmospheric realignment.

In our modern society it is increasingly common for houses and other buildings to be placed on top of these geopathic stress zones. Some people are sensitive to these energies, and over a period of prolonged exposure their immune system can become suppressed, leading to disturbed sleep, chronic fatigue or more serious illness. 

Geomancers are trained to detect and manipulate these energies to minimize their detrimental effects and restore balance to the places we inhabit.

Often times geomancy is considered to be the same as feng shui.  There are many differences although the roots of feng shui go deep into geomancy.

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