Traditions last and the old becomes new again. When i wanted to explore essential oils for Christmas and the holidays it’s no wonder I was drawn to talk with Lynn LeVasseur again. She overflows with knowledge and a real appreciation for what essential oils bring to our lives all year long.

Lynn uses muscle testing techniques and she still offers free essential oil consultations to help you select the right oil for your highest good. I’ll tell you more about muscle testing with Lynn but first let’s share a few of her favorite essential oil pick me ups. We focused on essential oils for Christmas but these simple remedies are helpful all year long.


The Feel & Smell of Holidays … all year long

Here you’ll find some easy ways to spread joy and enjoy more holiday cheer all year long. Use Lynn”s pick me ups for your own well being or get inspired and give a gift of health, healing and happiness.

cinnamon is an essential oil for Christmas and all year long

At the top of Lynn’s list is Cinnamon, a potent oil and amazing blood sugar regulator. She cautions, “This is the time of year when we are going to eat sugar – no matter what.” Sugar is everywhere in our celebrations and some of those old comforting tastes are going to tempt you to indulge. A little help balancing your blood sugar will keep you on track.

You can put 1 drop in cider or in a hot drink. Or apply 1 drop with coconut oil to regulate blood sugar and increase sexual libido while you at it. You can also diffuse cinnamon. Cinnamon is very potent – Lynn’s recommends caution so you want to be very careful and take your time.

Lynn says “I have many pick me ups and I use peppermint a lot. Peppermint is so invigorating, it’s fun and very Christmasy. You’ll find peppermint will help with attention – it wakes you up.” It has been used for centuries to soothe digestion so try a drop of oil in an ounce of water. If sadness comes up rub 1 drop of peppermint oil with a little coconut oil on your heart. Peppermint is also nice to diffuse with lavender and lemon. M-m-m-m sounds yummy.

It’s always the season to spread joy and Orange oil increases joy and creativity. You can use 1-2 drops under the tongue or put it in a beverage. Orange may be applied directly to your navel chakra to stimulate creativity. Surely there’s a connection to how “navel” oranges got their name. Lynn says you can  use orange oil in any recipe that calls for orange zest so there’s another good reason to always have this versatile oil on hand.

Careful when pouring orange oil because it comes out really fast. It’s the only doTerra oil that comes out really fast. Lynn thinks of everything so you can have a positive experience with these amazing oils.


Essential Oils for Christmas

Of course, for the holidays we have Frankincense, the king of oils. It does not smell like Christmas but it’s definitely a Christmas oil. It’s no surprise the wise men brought Frankincense to Jesus since Frankincense is a powerful oil of truth and draws you closer to God. Use 1 drop under your tongue or on your crown chakra.

wise men bring essential oils for Christmas

If you experience father issues, Lynn suggests Frankincense can be helpful. Frankincense can be beneficial if you are estranged from your earthly father or have unpleasant father memories. Frankincense will help balance that male energy for you as well as release any negativity.

Frankincense has powerful healing properties and it has been scientifically proven to kill cancer in the bladder. As a colon cancer survivor, frankincense is part of my on-going self care. I believe frankincense must have other cancer healing abilities but I was not aware of the father/male energy balancing.  No surprise more frankincense was requested in my muscle testing with Lynn.

To celebrate the season, doTerra even makes a special blend called Holiday Joy which is only available for purchase in November and December. This blend will uplift your mood and enliven your senses with Siberian Fir, Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and more. Holiday Joy has got to be amazing in a diffuser.

Lynn has studied oils and attended many doTerra trainings where she’s learned the best way to use essential oils is to diffuse them. Beyond the benefit of smell and your olfactory sense, there is another important reason to diffuse. Your hair and skin are porous and diffusing essential oils allows gentle distribution right to your cells.

Diffusing is a gentle, subtle way to have the healing benefits of essential oils available for yourself, your family and all who visit.


More about muscle testing

Lynn’s focus is on essential oils but she may also include what modality (she works with several), what food, doctor etc. will serve your highest good. There are infinite possibilities and through Lynn’s knowing and expertise she is able to ask the right questions, listen to your body and interpret the subtle answers. Lynn still offers free essential oil consultations to help you select the right oil for your highest good at this time. Your body doesn’t lie!

When I sat with Lynn I also enjoyed a quick muscle testing session which came with a surprise when my body requested the essential oil Helichrysum. I was not familiar with Helichrysum and was a little puzzled until she stated it was often used for an abscessed tooth.

The tooth had not been bothersome however I had finally scheduled the dreaded root canal before my dental benefits expired. My body said it was ready for help and healing on this one. There was this moment of awe and recognition, a testament of Lynn’s ability to cut through the chatter and bring underlying issues to light. A message slips through, you’ve received a gift of knowing wrapped in subtle confirmation you are in good hands and on the right track. I love when that happens.

If you enjoyed some of Lynn’s pick me up ideas and would like a free consult, you will find her bio and contact information on our resource page. Or simply call (207) 949-7096 and get your personal pick me up to enjoy all year long! You’ll be glad you did.

Please, tell us about your favorite pick me up… for the holidays and all year long!

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