It’s a stressful world! We work long hours full of multi-tasking, constant demands for our attention and the need to push ourselves to the limit. You can relieve stress naturally and support relaxation through emotional healing with the use of essential oils. Waiting for burn out to take over is not a solution.

I recently sat with Lynn LeVasseur, a certified doTerra Aroma Touch Therapist and a doTerra Wellness Advocate. Lynn’s expertise and wisdom with essential oils will teach you how to relieve stress naturally.

Lynn is immersed in the practice and use of essential oils. Honestly, I was not a huge fan of using a lot of oils but after this conversation and learning about the role of essential oils on your emotional body I’ve had a change of heart. It’s the balance of the emotional body that determines your physical well being. Essential oils work with your emotional body to rebalance and to relieve stress naturally.

Besides being knowledgeable and passionate about this subject, Lynn offers free consultations.  Stay tuned for details at the end, find her nuggets of wisdom and learn how to relieve stress naturally. Following are excerpts from our interview:


 Lynn, tell us what first attracted you to essential oils?

Lynn LeVasseur relieve stress naturally with essential oils

It’s been about 20 years since they came into my life. I was in an organic natural health food store in Houlton, Maine and I was just buying snacks for the kids. The store had Young Living Essential Oils on the shelf. So we started talking about them and it’s funny you know how it happens that it starts showing up everywhere after that.

There was one called Peace and Calm and another one called Melaleuca, like a tea tree oil. I just started using them, wearing them and loving them.

As time went on they would show up in my life. Just show up. I was introduced to Young Living’s technique called Raindrop Therapy; it’s an application of oils on the spine.

I was just loving them and using them and then doTerra showed up in my life. When I first opened a bottle of doTerra lavender oil my body just reacted with awe-struck emotion. Like this is so delightful!

So I learned the Aroma Touch Technique from doTerra and I liked it even better than the Rainbow Therapy. Rainbow Therapy used oregano and thyme. They are very warming oils and on your skin can be quite an irritant. They are powerful and I do love them. In doTerra’s Aroma Touch Therapy they use less warming oils. Young Living is a wonderful company but I really felt doTerra was working best for me.

doTerra is a therapeutic grade oil. Is that one of the things that attracted you to doTerra? 

Oh yes. With doTerra it’s 100% therapeutic grade oil. What that means is that it’s in its natural state. It is grown in a location that is not genetically modified, it’s grown in organic soil, organic food, cultivated with pure water, nothing removed and nothing added. One thing that makes them so authentic is in how they harvest right away. They are picked and immediately pressed and sealed.

That’s what I love about the therapeutic grade, no fillers, no synthetics, no inexpensive way out to getting raw essential oil. Most of the doTerra lavender comes from France because it is more pure. I believe it is something about the soil in France that makes it more pure, more abundant.

You have a very broad training and you are certified to practice other healing modalities. What keeps you excited and working with essential oils?

What keeps me excited about them is I’m always talking about them. I have them in my bedroom in my kitchen and use them everywhere and it just feels right to me. If I don’t have something in my diffuser I don’t feel right. It just feels right to me that I have something diffusing every day.

I need to be balanced and I will just scan over the oils that I have and one will pop up for me. Sometimes I will want to know why it popped up. I will go to the reference book Emotional Healing with Essential Oils. I tend to go there first because it’s the balance of the emotional body that will determine your well being.

The well being of your emotional being is essential for immune health and I think it is so important. We are emotionally imbalanced when stress is involved. Our immune system has been designed to fight off all disease, I mean everything. That means HIV, swine flu, bird flu, hepatitis, anything.

There is only one thing

that will destroy your immune system

and that is chronic emotional stress.

When I read that I had to sit for a minute with that. The truth of that statement rang in my body. I could feel every cell going ‘yes, take note of this’. I feel everything so deeply and passionately. I’m an empath and you can imagine it’s not just my stuff either. So I heard that and it rang true.

When I am using an oil, 9 times out of 10 I am using it for my emotional body. The physical body seems to be last. Not that it’s not important but the emotional body needs to be stable first. I know that if I get the emotional body stable first, then I have a good chance of getting the physical body working well. Does that make sense?

I’ve learned that if your emotional body, your spiritual body and your mental body are balanced, nurtured, cared for and listened to then your physical body is going to be well. Our physical body is just an outside layer. I like to compare it to a banana. We peel the banana and we eat what is inside. The real substance, what we really need is inside the peeling which is just a cover. Our body is a temporary home, just a shell, it covers our soul and gives us a chance to have a physical experience in this moment. Our soul is so expansive.

In my opinion, in my truth for me, I tend to care for the emotional, spiritual and emotional body first. When I do, the physical body can start repairing and being well. The oils will help; they are an important tool.

Science is finding out more and more every day and we can rewrite the script to being healthy. Essential oils can play an important role in that.

So the moment I rub lavender on my feet, within 3 seconds the information from that oil is penetrating the cells in my body. Every cell in my body is receiving the information in the dna from that oil. Your feet are what connect you to mother earth. When you get up in the morning your feet hit the floor first. Your feet keep you grounded and it also has reflexology for every part of the body. You don’t put oil on your elbow or your knee or your solar plexus. You can do a lot with your hands and feet but the feet more so because that is your connection to earth.

Ok, if someone is at work or maybe just coming home, what would be the best way to apply oils?

At work you can ask your employer or your colleagues if you can wear essential oils. People say they are allergic but it’s the synthetics (not the oils they are allergic to). So I always ask first if it’s ok if I wear essential oils.

If I am in the workplace and I’m feeling stress, I might put a little on my wrists throughout the day, behind the ears, on pressure points.  All you need is one little dab. A little goes a long way. If you use too much, what will happen emotionally is it pulls out a lot of emotions from you physically. So we want to be very gentle with these oils. A little goes a long way.

I will muscle test how much I need to apply. One drop 3 times a day or whatever. I am so into my knowing that I just know. I might put a couple of drops straight of breathe oil on my chest. I’m used to it. But if you get too much you might get a headache or your skin will feel slightly itchy or burning and you’ve got too much. You can take coconut oil and rub that in to dilute an oil.

These oils are potent and if you take too much there can be detoxification. Symptoms may include nausea, headache or your skin will react with a little irritation.  In these cases you can puree watermelon and drink it to flush it out.

You can also diffuse your oils with water. Our skin is so porous and it’s our largest organ. When you diffuse it rests in your hair and everything. It’s microscopic.

The emotional piece is very interesting to me. I never thought of essential oils for releasing emotions.

Yes, doTerra has a book Emotional Healing with Essential Oils by Daniel MacDonald.  This is my first go to book for essential oil for my patients. I look at this first. So I muscle test for what oil they need and I say: let’s find out why. Then I read to them what it says.

When I get to the part and read about the emotions that will be addressed, they say ‘that could not be more accurate’. They say that every time – every time.

How do you explain to someone that essential oils will help to relieve stress naturally?

Essential oils work on a cellular level. In our cells, in our dna, is every memory of everything that happened to us from the moment we were conceived. Not only are we bringing in  the memory of our parents, grandparents etc. but the one cell at conception, that little one cell starts becoming us, our own identity. Whatever is going on in that moment of conception, if people are being conceived under stress from drugs, alcohol, a fight, the thoughts your parents were thinking, the intentions your parents had, whatever was happening is encoded in your dna.

All of the our emotions and memories are stored in our emotional body. Essential oils work on the emotional body helping to gently ease and release trapped emotion.

In order to raise an emotion you have to first feel it.

A feeling has to be brought up to the surface. Essential oils will

gently help bring up emotion.

sad lady and emotional healingPeople tell me ‘I don’t want to feel’. I was one of them. I don’t want to remember it. I don’t want to feel it. But how am I going to heal from it if I don’t remember it or let it surface? I have to remember it, acknowledge it. Yes this is real. I’ve been hurt and it still hurts. Feel the pain. Cry the cries and then let it go. That’s the way you heal.

Most of us will bury it and bury it and bury it. We will get depressed and go towards alcohol and food and unhealthy habits to comfort us and we have our own power to heal ourselves. We get stuck in trauma. I’m the same way. I’m not judging. But we have to remove it.


Essential oils will gently help bring up emotion. For a lot of people that is anger. I’ll give you an example.

I had a man that was angry, like mad and he said ‘Alright I don’t know what you are using on me but it smells horrible and it’s actually pissing me off. Get rid of it.’  So I went right to my book.  I’m going ok, for Oregano it says this is the oil of humility and non-attachment.

The emotions addressed by oregano  are opinionated, negative, excessively willful, attached pride and it helps the person control their forceful nature. So it brings out those emotions and they don’t like what they’re feeling. The emotions that come out people think are negative. So in my work with patients some of the emotions they don’t want to feel can come up a lot.

So oils gently bring emotions to the surface. The emotion comes up and you feel agitated, anxious, uncomfortable, sad or angry. So whatever emotion comes up you just sit with it. Your memory will come back.

You’re in a good place to let this come up. Just cry. We’ve been taught at some point don’t cry. We tell you not to cry because we don’t know how to fix you.

Sadness is a perfect human emotion and there is nothing wrong with feeling sadness. We’re taught there is. Don’t be sad. Don’t be sad. There are things that do make us sad. Do we dwell on it or let it consume us? Do we let it identify us? No, but we have to feel the emotion and be ok with that. There are reasons to be sad. We can give that sadness to God. We can ask mother nature to take it and make it into something beautiful in the earth, or you can pray about it, meditate on it and it will help on a cellular level to ease the sadness.

When I am feeling sad I put peppermint oil on my heart. It soothes it. And it’s not that I am trying to get rid of the sadness it’s just that sadness has become more challenging and I can’t seem to shake it.

For grief I use geranium, the broken heart syndrome. One drop on the heart will help you take it on not so deeply. Same with the sadness. I use the oils and it’s not consuming me.

So it’s not a magic wand. You’re not able to put some oil on and everything is fine.

No, what it does it gives you ease. It gives you the stability that you need. The essential oil gives you the ease. Life should come to us with joy, peace and love and that even means in the hard times. It can come easy to you and we can let it go easy.

We have tools. We can meditate, we can talk to people, be grateful, going to bed early helps, using essential oils and exercising are all tools. Go into the experience with light. It does not have to be so devastating that it keeps us paralyzed. We are going to feel the pain. We are going to cry. We’re going to feel the emotions and maybe we are going to take a day off or two but you can have ease.

Alcohol is a depressant and it’s going to make you more depressed. An actual anti-depressant are essential oils. Other things are going for walks in nature, eating healthy foods, meditating. We take pills, drink alcohol, eat chocolate and it’s just temporary. It’s the sugar in these foods that we are going to. I’m learning more and more that the white processed sugar is so addictive. It’s more addictive than cigarettes, it’s more addictive than alcohol and it’s destroying our organs it’s destroying our brain. The brain is going a thousand miles an hour. People can’t sleep. It’s because there is too much sugar in the brain.

So the essential oils will help you give your body what it needs.

If someone was just starting out, how can they figure this out on their own?  They’re not used to muscle testing and don’t have someone like you to help guide them. How can someone figure it out on their own?

Good question.This is the age of technology and if they don’t have access to someone like me who does muscle testing, then I would Google. I have Googled things like this and what comes up is pretty accurate.

So if you wanted an oil that will help support an emotion or relieve stress naturally, do your research and then ask your body. Say ‘Ok body there are all these possibilities, melaleuca, roman chamomile, peppermint, lavender. Alright body, which one feels right to you?’

Your first instinct is usually the right one. I do it too. I don’t always trust my first instinct and I’ll ask again and again and again because I want to make double sure. And it will be like, yeah, I was right the first time. Your first instinct will be what your heart knows. Your ego will never ever let you be at peace. The ego doesn’t want to believe. The ego wants to stay in chaos, in trauma and drama. The ego works alone.

Your true self, your heart always knows and it never forgets. I always put my hand on my heart so when I am asking my body what it needs I put my hand on my heart and I shut my eyes to shut off the sensories. I take a deep breath in, hand on my heart and ask my body which one is for my highest good. And kind of just sit with it for a minute.

Sometimes I will open my eyes, I still have my hand on my heart and look at the oils and I will scan them up and down and then if I get a joyful feeling after I look at a certain bottle and I see oh it’s peppermint.

I play. How I learned my techniques that work best for me was I play. Because it works best for me may not work best for you. I found my own niche by just playing. It’s like when I get a new cell phone I can’t read the directions. I’ve got my hands on the phone and I’m playing and playing. I’m learning by playing. So I play until something works.

Play, enjoy, have fun, be patient with yourself and learn to relieve stress naturally.

If you don’t like playing with oils and it doesn’t bring you joy then just call me up, I’ll muscle test for you. No big deal.

So you do free consultations. If someone has an issue and they are trying to figure out which oil to use they can contact you.

Absolutely, I do free consults. I try offering knowledge of what oil they may need at this time in life for their highest good. I’m also a big promoter of the doTerra company, of people being a doTerra Wellness Advocate. Along the way people get wowed and awed over the oils.

9 times out of 10 they will get signed up as an advocate or just buy from me. Some people go on and want to do it as a business some people do it for their own family. Whatever works for them. The business aspect is not for everybody.

I love the doTerra company. The company is all about giving back. It’s a U.S. made company. Everyone that orders monthly or anyone that orders a portion goes to the doTerra Helping Hands Foundation which donates to countries around the world. They are giving back. I love the energy of it. It’s not just a multi-million dollar company they also share their wealth.

You’ve told us how someone can relieve stress and support relaxation. You’ve provided some tips for how they might get in touch with that themselves, or they can contact you. Are there any basic go to’s to narrow it down? How does someone narrow down what their oil choices might be?

The Modern Essentials book by doTerra along with the Emotional Healing with Essentials Oils are two excellent reference books. Every two years they come out with the latest edition because there are always more oils and information added to it. So I try to keep up with the additions. All the information that you are asking for is in these books.

They even give you the scientific formulas. So if you are a scientist or chemist and that is your love language, you’ve got the Latin name for it, it’s origin, you’ve got the scientific equations, you know the chemist lingo for it. It’s real cool and it will give you lists and lists of possible uses for an oil. It will even tell you how to blend it with other oils.

So you mentioned blends. How do you make that choice with muscle testing for a blend or a single oil?

From the Modern Essentials book. doTerra does make their own blends. For example the citrus bliss blend, the ingredients are: lemon, wild orange, grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, tangerine, clementine and vanilla bean extract. So there are quite a few single oils that go into this blend. It’s the blend of creativity which is your 2nd chakra. It wakes up your 2nd chakra and is very powerful. You can put one drop of citrus bliss oil on your navel. You can certainly make your own or you can buy doTerra’s blend.

There are blends that don’t come in a bottle that doTerra suggests. The blend of peppermint and wild orange is uplifting and brings everything together. I love that. When we do doTerra events or any event I am working I will use those two oils. It’s just perfect. For uplifting I will get out peppermint. It’s so invigorating and uplifting. Wild Orange is joyful and invigorating so the two together are a great combination. So even though it doesn’t come in a bottle doTerra will give suggestions like that.

Sometimes I just put lavender and something together. It’s your knowing. Usually just one drop is needed and if it’s too much you just dilute it with coconut oil or wash it.

There are naysayers and critics who don’t understand the importance of emotional healing and how essential oils can help. How do you get past that and stand strong in your own belief?

Acceptance. Just allow it. They can have their opinion; they can say whatever they want. You can just say ‘That’s an interesting point of view’. You live your truth. I have found that to be the best way.

With certain people, especially your loved ones, you want them to see the light.

I just want to share the goodness; I want to share the treasure. I value the treasure. I say that and I feel the emotion in my heart. I want to share the treasure. It’s like spreading the gospel. You go out and you spread the good news.

You’ve heard the word and you go out. Some people are going to hear it and some people won’t. They don’t have to. I feel in my heart that if I just live it that is going to work better than trying to tell them you need this or you need that. I always keep inviting. I keep sharing the news but it’s their choice.

If someone is new to this and just getting started, what would you recommend to get started?

I tell them to buy the sample pack and play with it. Buy a diffuser. You can put a drop of lavender on your pillow at night or put some lavender in your bath. Have fun. Do your research, go to a Wellness Advocate, go to a doTerra business meeting or a doTerra class.

To wrap this up, is there anything else you would like to say about stress and relaxation and using essential oils?

I really feel going into a quiet room, doing meditation, listening to meditative music, buy yourself a diffuser and a calming oil, get a massage with a calming oil. Anything that is going to help you get out of your head and get into your heart space is going to help you with your emotional compass. It will help you get back into you.

meditation and ocean waves to relieve stressYou know how the waves in the ocean are, I’m getting this from Dr Oz, the waves in the ocean can be really tumultuous and underneath the surface of the ocean is stillness. That’s the way our body is. Our head is just tumultuous waves.

When we meditate we are getting back to us, the real us. Meditation will get you there. The oils will get you there and these oils can assist in meditation. When you are in that deep relaxation state and maybe you are using lavender at the time. So later, when you smell lavender, you are going to automatically remember the time you smelled the lavender when you were in deep meditation. You can go back there. You can go back, it’s like programming. You can be transported back in time and feel the feeling.

I use my tools every day. I use my oils every day. Why? because we struggle with the ego; we struggle with the pain body every day. I need these tools and I have a lot of them. I need the oils because I am an empath and it’s very hard being empathic. It’s overwhelming; it’s consuming. Sometimes it will take me hours to determine if a feeling is mine or if it’s not mine. My tools help me.

Lynn, thank you so much for sitting with me and sharing your wisdom. This has been amazing. Your insightful information gives great options to relieve stress naturally.

Your focus on emotional healing using essential oils has been enlightening for me. It really helped me to connect the dots. I’ve been an organic gardener for many years and understood the importance and value of plants for health. I also understood emotional stress was often the basis for disease and pain in the physical body. I’ve liked and used essential oils but didn’t really get it. Now I see more clearly their true, therapeutic value and how they lead to emotional healing. Thank you.

Free Consult & Contact Information:

Lynn LeVasseur provides a free consultation with muscle testing to determine which essential oils may be right for you. Lynn’s bio and email contact information can be found here. You can send Lynn an email and she will respond and set up a time for a free phone consultation. Or if you prefer you can call Lynn direct at 207-949-7096. This is a great offer.  I’ve worked with Lynn. She’s fun, knowledgeable and she loves to share and help others.

Please tell us about your experience with essential oils in the comment section below. We’d love to hear how you have used essential oils to create more balance and emotional healing.

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