It was great to hear Esther Hicks as simply herself in an interview with the CEO of Hay House, Reid Tracy, during the 2016 Hay House Summit. Esther and Jerry Hicks had an early relationship with Hay House and surely that played a large part in Hay House receiving the honor of such an exclusive interview.

In the interview we were reminded that Esther is just like us and has challenges and things to figure out. She laughed easily and often in this comfortable interview which is something you do not hear when Abraham is coming through. Abraham has a powerful sense of humor but her laugh is notably different. Esther encouraged us to reach for whatever makes you feel better and to get positive momentum going in the morning.

The Placemat Process is her favorite exercise and she told the story of how it all started sitting with Jerry, her late husband, in a Macaroni Grill Restaurant where their tables are covered with butcher paper and plenty of crayons are made available. Esther was unable to determine what to do with her overwhelming to do list.  Jerry told her to ask Abraham who lead her step by step how to use the now famous Placemat process to help resolve her enormous to do list. She still uses the Placemat process because it helps her focus on what she needs to do and explained it causes you to know and identify what you want and gets you into the state of allowing.

If you are not familiar with the Placemat Process or need a reminder, you can view it here:

 We all have our Abrahams?

It was fascinating to hear Esther say that we all have our Abrahams. Esther says “source is answering all of us all of the time. We can always ask questions. The problem may be that the vibration of asking needs to be the same as the vibration of answering. We need to be in the vibration to receive the answer however the vibration of questions and the vibration of answers are different.” Oh, no wonder my answers can seem to lack clarity.  It can be confusing to ask a question and then to really feel the answer and know it is not coming from mind and ego.  I want that clarity.  If the vibration is different then at least a subtle shift needs to take place between the time when a question is asked when the response is known.  You simply need to be in the vibration to receive the answer.

Esther talked about contrast for “without contrast we can’t figure out what we want.  I used to be embarrassed when things went wrong and they (Abraham) convinced me that without that contrast I can’t define anything.”

Let’s stop worrying and being embarrassed because things are not perfect.  Contrast and clarity are necessary to move forward and choose the life that we truly want to live.

Esther’s favorite tip from Jerry

One last idea worth your read was Esther’s response when asked if in her recent communications with Jerry had he given her any tips. The tip she liked the best and had helped her the most was that your own perspective matters more than everybody else’s. She explained that when she tried to figure out what to do she would still ask Jerry what he thought. She said you don’t come up with decisions frivolously. It is based upon all the years of knowing what you want and knowing how it works.  Knowing what feels best. So when you ask someone else what they think, all you do is introduce clutter into your vibration. Her best advice is “be yourself and like yourself. Be who you really are.”

It’s time to stop seeking validation from loved ones and start focusing on our own self love and providing our own validation.  Are you ready?

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