Sometimes so much is happening we can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s fair to say I was at the brink of overload when synchronicity got my attention again. The signs are there and everyday oracles will lead you to an intuitive life that is full of surprises, twists and turns.

Spring gardening is a priority in Maine while winter projects are way past their due dates. Do you have this problem? To compensate (or complicate) I added two evening webinars to my calendar that were extremely high on my to do list.

First webinar, Robert MossConsulting Everyday Oracles, A free webinar introducing his course, Living on the Mythic Edge.

Next, John HollandHow to Live an Intuitively Led Life – A paid class with an early bird special for only $20. A great value!

You may recall I found Robert Moss when I was first researching synchronicity. Robert’s webinar, Consulting Everyday Oracles, was a fascinating and fast lecture full of his signature stories. More on that in a minute.

The very next evening was John Holland’s webinar and that’s when something unexpected happened. Was it synchronicity or were my guides and angels at work orchestrating events? Is there a difference? When I find out you’ll be the first to know.

Has This Ever Happened To You?

Long story short I got my time mixed up and missed John Holland’s live webinar. What took place during that time is noteworthy. My mix-up in timing gave me an opportunity to have an important, although distressing, conversation with hubby. This conversation would not have occurred at the same time or in the same way if had I been where I had planned to be that night – on John Holland’s webinar. Everyday oracles lead to an intuitive life, an enchanting adventure.

I had received a couple of forewarnings and I have to admit I was not listening or not taking it seriously. I even joked about the weird thing that showed up on my left ring finger. Synchronicity works in interesting ways and weaves a perfect web that brings information, opportunity and guidance. Those messages and warnings will get louder and louder until you pay attention.

Meanwhile, what did I learn from these two pros? I’ll start with John Holland.

Everyday Oracles Lead To An Intuitive Life

John Holland and his dog an every day oracle

John Holland’s webinar was recorded and quickly available for replay thanks to his great support team. John loves to teach and he’s engaging and easy to listen to. His two plus hour webinar was full of information, processes and exercises. In the final half hour he gave random readings for a few lucky participants.

I love how he started his program with this simple wisdom:

“I can’t teach you to be intuitive. You already are. I can help you to remember. I can help you remember how to live an intuitively led life.”  ~ John Holland

We’ve lost our connection and with practice we can regain our natural ability. This forgetting and disconnection happened over a long period of time. There are many factors and one that John focused on was our dependence on logic. As children we were indoctrinated in school to use the left side of our brain. Be patient, practice and regain your natural ability. It may take time to tap back into your intuition but it’s available for everyone.

John’s wise advice “Accept your intuition – own it. Life has pushed intuition away and we have become trained to accept logic.”

John was generous and shared several processes. One that really resonated with me was this 3 step process to sort out logic and intuition:

  1. Stimulus can be a question you ask or any thought or action that causes you to have an intuitive experience. The stimulus may be something that simply shows up for you – like an everyday oracle. You may also get an impression or a feeling.
  2. Response is your reaction to the stimulus – negative or positive. It’s the answer you perceive to your question or to an event or an oracle.
  3. Synthesis is where you balance it with your logic and intuition. You take the answer you got or the message you received and you balance it. Logic can be good; you just need to balance the answer.

Here’s an affirmation John shared from his friend, Vincent J. Barra, who passed earlier this year. Try one… or make up your own….

“Every day in every way I trust my intuition.
Every day in every way I am more intuitive.
Every day in every way my intuition is getting stronger and stronger.”
Every day in every way ____________________.”

Some other points from John Holland that resonated:

Ask questions – it’s all in the right phrasing. Pause and “ask” before you act.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

John invites you to journal everything – Intuitive nudges, synchronistic events, feelings you got or colors. What worked or what you got wrong.

Meditation – even five minutes a day is a step away from the logical mind.

Robert Moss and Consulting Everyday Oracles

Now back to Robert Moss and his webinar. There were many similarities but with a slightly different focus. Moss did begin with “ask the right questions”. Sounds familiar doesn’t it. But the real meat with this entree was to set an intention for guidance by stating:

everyday oracles book by Robert Moss, Sidewalk Oracles“I would like guidance on __________.” And fill in the blank. He suggests you can hold the idea in your mind or write it down and your answers will come from what you see in the world.

Through introspection and examining your everyday oracles you also ask “How does this apply to my life?”

Moss, the ultimate pro on synchronicity tells us, “Synchronicity is when the universe gets serious with you.” If my ring finger ever goes wonky again, I will pay serious attention.

The free webinar for everyday oracles was an introduction and enticement for his course Living Your Mythic Edge – Opening to Synchronicity, Magic & the Wisdom of the Oracles All Around You.

I was accepted into this class with a scholarship to pay it forward. I’m beyond excited to spend virtual time with Robert Moss and learn more about synchronicities and oracles. I’ll be sharing new vistas with you in blog posts. Stay tuned to the mythic edge!

Synchronicities and oracles are happening all the time.  Are you listening and watching? What signs or symbols have showed up for you?

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