Are you stuck in pandemic blues? Or just plain stuck? It’s scary to be thrown into changes by a world turned upside down.  When life is in turmoil you know you need to find peace!

I was there. I was lost, afraid, angry, and losing ground every day. The pandemic played a major role as the whole world seemed to spin out of control.

There was a new urgency to my inner struggle and I knew I needed new ways to find peace.

Couples counseling while the world was in lockdown seemed like a reasonable way to promote domestic peace. Not this time. Instead of peace it was a trigger to old unresolved issues.

Pandora’s box was open and I did not have the tools to move through the maze of additional challenges brought by the pandemic. Relief was necessary. I trusted my inner guidance as I explored and found solutions that helped me move forward with much more ease.

Here’s where I found relief:

  • Biofield Tuning Cultivate a Healthy Relationship with Yourself and Your Body Through Biofield Tuning with Eileen Day McKusick. 7 week class through The Shift Network.
  • Heart Coherence The Science and Practice of Heart Coherence: Access Your heart’s Intelligence to Recover Inner Peace and Create Personal, Social and Global Transformation. Presented by Rollin McCratty, Ph.D. 7 week class through The Shift Network.
  • Lucid Dreaming 21-Day Lucid Dreaming Adventure with Dr Clare Johnson and Mike Dooley.
  • Shamanic Journeying Befriending the Spirits: Shamanic Journeying for Healing, Wisdom and Guidance in Your Everyday Life with Evelyn Rysdyk. 4 week online course.


Tune into Sound to Find Peace

Biofield Tuning is a process using tuning forks to scan the electromagnetic field of the body and find places of resistance and dissonance. We are basically electromagnetic and vibrational. We (you, me and the cosmos) are made up of light and sound waves. Our biofield is a toroidal shape (shaped like a doughnut) that surrounds our physical body.

Biofield Tuning was founded by Eileen Day McKusick and her sound therapy uses tuning forks to clear stress and trauma stored in the human energy field. Those old memories exist in more than our mind – they are in our biofield!

The very first class brought stress relief as well as some unexpected detox which Eileen had predicted. My feelings and experience were verified in a Facebook group. Not real scientific but still proof.

Scrolling through the Facebook posts from class participants, there was no way to miss the profound experiences my classmates described. Others were feeling the impact and shift! Each session brought more relief, more ease and a greater sense of calm.

The Shift Network provides lifetime access to their courses and I will definitely dive into this again for a refresher and an additional biofield tuning to find peace.

Eileen Day McKusick can be found at where you’ll find great explanations, training, tuning forks and a practitioner list. Remote sessions are common.


But wait there’s more . . . the best is yet to be!


I was pretty desperate to find peace during these challenging times and I took three different courses pretty much simultaneously. It was helpful. I was more relaxed, open, and feeling strong with a new infusion of sound, dreams and journeying experience.

However, a couple of months later when a class led by Rollin McCratty of HeartMath was announced, I jumped at the opportunity to hear his scientific explanation of what is going on inside and all around my newly discovered biofield.

We barely scratched the surface of McCratty’s depth of knowledge about human physiology and what makes us tick as he led us through volumes of scientific data with expert explanations and interesting stories. 

One of the big takeaways:  “Your emotions affect physiology more than thoughts.”

The course included:

  • Getting the Heart and Brain in Sync
    • Reducing stress
    • Making better choices
  • Keeping your inner battery charged
    • Depletion to Renewal Grid Exercise 
    • Attitude Breathing Technique
  • Your Intuitive Heart: Your Inner GPS (a favorite class)
    • Navigating life’s challenges
    • Finding creative solutions
  • Personal Coherence

And much more . . .

Why is HeartMath so great?

Because it simply works. . .  It works simply!

Using HeartMath’s techniques definitely made a difference. A new awareness and approach to find peace and calm was possible.  Best of all, there’s tons of free information, videos, and practices on their website,

I recommend their free training called The HeartMath Experience because it is a collection of several different techniques to pick from. You can readily find one or two techniques that feel right for you.

HearthMath techniques are simple but powerful. Best of all you can use these techniques when you are on the move and in the moment. You don’t need to slip away to meditate to find your peace. 

It’s not hard but it does take time to change old patterns. The key is Practice…. The mind and ego are set in their ways and weeding out unwanted thoughts and what’s no longer working for us takes time and patience. Sorry, there’s no quick solution but you can find peace in challenging times.


Dreams and Journeys to Find Peace



About the same time as I began the first 7 week class with Eileen McKusick, I also began  two other courses that were very valuable to my recovery.  

21 day class for lucid dreaming with Dr. Clare Johnson  
Lucid dreaming happens when you’re aware that you’re dreaming and you’re able to consciously manipulate your dream.

Dreams are living energy. There’s nothing static about them and there’s constant movement even after we dream. Fortunately, we don’t need to get lucid in a dream to receive healing, problem solving etc. All dreams come to help us and make us whole.

I’ve not yet managed basic dream recall but the door opened a little bit. I was blown away by the information about conscious dreaming and the interaction between the conscious and subconscious mind. Clare Johnson’s excitement about dreaming was contagious.

No lucid dreaming has occurred for me but the expanded awareness of what lies in our subconscious has enriched my view of what is possible. You will find more information about lucid dreaming and Dr Clare Johnson on her website.

Last but not least was Befriending the Spirits: Shamanic Journeying for Healing, Wisdom and Guidance with Maine’s shamanic teacher, Evelyn Rysdyk.

I was a little hesitant on this one even though I’ve taken classes which included journeying with Robert Moss and Sandra Ingerman. I felt a little too vulnerable when I began this search for peace and didn’t want a journey to lead to any unexpected challenges.

However, I felt the ancient practice of shamanism would be helpful. And it was. Evelyn has a great teaching style and sense of humor. I highly recommend her work.

It’s important to know when you need to take action especially when your well being is at stake. I made an investment in myself with time and money and it paid off very well.

I asked for help, followed my inner wisdom and found relief. I didn’t resolve any big hairy issues but I did find tools to find peace in challenging times. I’ll continue to work with this new information and will revisit these courses during the cold months here in Maine. Stay tuned.

The pandemic has been challenging and I hope you are well. Take time to take care of yourself. Feel your way forward. Be courageous and try something new. Remember help is always available.

Did the challenges of the pandemic lead you to a new practice that helped you find peace? We’d love to hear from you.

May you have peace. . . .


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