It’s summer time in North America! What can be better than sitting by a fire and feeling the connection to earth and to your past? Regardless of your heritage a fire ceremony is part of your ancestry. We are still drawn to fire for warmth and light. Sitting by the fire is an opportunity to re-remember how we have sat around sacred fires throughout time.

I have the good fortune of local soul sisters in the Soulful Work Community which is led by Rachel Horton White. Rachel is an Advanced Practitioner of the Akashic Records, Hypnotherapist, life coach with numerous certifications and many offerings including a virtual group. I highly recommend you check into her work.

As part of our ongoing program some group members offer to share their intuitive gifts and knowledge. I offered to present and share a fire ceremony. After all I have a perfect location….. here’s a look at my backyard in Maine.

fire pit for fire ceremony

I just needed to do a little research but I quickly felt like I was in way over my head.

A new respect for fire and ceremony developed as I read how fire ceremonies will show if you are pure, involves energetic cleansing and can alter karmic patterns. Yikes! More than I bargained for.


A fire ceremony is all about creating sacred space, offerings, and releasing. No human or animal sacrifice nowadays but the strict rituals and process was scaring the crap out of me. So I quickly engaged Rachel Horton White to assist and lead the release portion because her training and coaching was way more appropriate and attuned.


Permission Granted

Even with Rachel’s help I was still a little leary of doing a fire ceremony until my research uncovered permission for a novice like myself. A Shamanic Fire Ceremony used to be performed with a teacher for years before someone could do a fire ceremony alone.

Shamans now say the earth and civilization are in such peril that fire ceremony should be held by anyone willing to step in. That was comforting.

Then I also read about Native Americans who follow a rather strict ritual for fire ceremonies. They encourage Non-Natives (that would be most of us) to develop our own rituals for fire ceremony as the way to move forward. We can follow our own path and it’s not necessary to copy or reproduce their ritual.

Finding permission was a huge boost to my enthusiasm as it relieved the burden of having to follow a sacred practice I consciously knew nothing about.

Are you ready to step in and create your own ritual for fire ceremony? Let’s go!


Creating Ceremony

Indigenous tribes around the world, Native Americans and Shamans all pay close attention to creating and holding ceremony. Ceremony puts us back in touch with the physical or energetic reality we interact with through our bodies. Ceremony is experiential and can lead us out of our mental limitations. Everything around us is waiting to communicate with us. Nature comes alive and synchronicity is in the air!

You can use a fire ceremony to create an opening to heal and shift habits and patterns. Fire provides rapid transformation and can be used to…

  • Honor lessons learned
  • Honor and release your old story or old belief structures
  • Release negative emotions
  • Release unhappy memories
  • Release fears
  • Release anything you are holding onto that does not serve your higher self
  • Bring balance and reciprocity
  • Call forth something you are seeking
  • Go into a trance
  • Be mesmerized and easily dream

As you build your fire in preparation for lighting you may include an offering amongst your tinder and twigs.

It’s important to start with a safe and sacred space. An invocation either silently or aloud establishes your intention and requests the presence and blessing of your guides, archangels and all kinds of helpful spirits.


Offerings and Release for Fire Ceremony

Offerings are given after the fire is lit and may include: tobacco, sage, wine, sugar, sweet grass, flowers, anything that feels like an offering from the heart.

Before coming to the fire circle you may create an offering out of burnable materials (twig, pinecone, paper, dried leaves, flowers) which then becomes a spirit arrow or offering that carries your prayer requests into the fire.

The spirit arrow represents an issue or problem to let go of; it’s what you want to release or something that no longer serves you. Simply writing what needs to be “attended to” on a piece of paper is also a sufficient offering. It’s always nice to have some sage on hand.

Bring to the fire what you choose to release into the fires of transformation. Each person may come to the fire and place their spirit arrow or personal offering into the fire. When we place items in a fire during ceremony, we release it to spirit.  The sincerity of your prayers and intention is what will make this ritual powerful.

Allow yourself to get into the rhythm of the fire and let it guide you. Dance, sing, drum or dream as you let it move you.

When the time comes and you are ready it is important to close sacred space. Give thanks for all helping spirits, guides, angels and archetypes for being with you.


No water is used on the fire. If possible, let the fire burn down on its own. Always consider safety and be mindful of your environment.

Do not think of the fire ceremony as an instantaneous change. It is an opening for healing. Recognize this “opening” and seize the opportunity to have assistance to change your behavior or mental discourse. The universe will respond and take care of the details.


Make Your Own Fire Ceremony

There are many other details and processes you can add to your fire ceremony. A little research will provide plenty of ideas to draw from. It’s important to do what feels right for you, to follow your instincts and intuiton as you step in and create your own ritual.

The fire ceremony with the women of Soulful Work Community was amazing.  These ladies came to the fire willing to be vulnerable and ready to release to move closer to their dreams. The smoke moved in mysterious ways and carried our offerings fluttering above to the heavens. It was an emotional charged ceremony and we all recognized the magnitude of the experience and the potential for healing.

I’m going to bet there’s another dimension to working with fire I’ve not yet discovered. It’s ancient power mysteriously connects us throughout time.

If you would like free copies of my fire ceremony research, leave a request in the comments or tell me…. Are you ready to step in and create your own ritual for fire ceremony? 

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