Your intuition is waiting and it’s ready for you to get your inner guide in shape. Your inner guide may be sending messages to you right now.  However your intellectual mind can often interfere and discount your intuition and steer you off course. To get your inner guide in shape, start with your belief system.

First, get clear about your beliefs. Evaluating and understanding your belief about your connection with your inner guide is an important, clarifying process.  Beliefs can have degrees from very strong to only probable.

You can say a particular belief is true, while other beliefs are less solid and may be more probable or a definite no. If you are still reading this, you are at least registering on the positive side of the scale.

What is your belief about intuition? Are you all in with your belief? Your belief may be 100% or it may be registering somewhat lower. There can be a large gray area of uncertainty and the fun part is that you get to make the choice right now. You get to say I’ll go with a Yes and get my intuition in shape.

“Beliefs are choices.
First you choose your beliefs.
Then your beliefs affect your choices.”    
― Roy T. Bennett

You have the choice to say “yes” to believe in your intuition and your ability to connect with your inner guides. You get to say I believe, and if you are not sure but willing to explore you can claim that too. You can ask for signs to lead you to the truth and you can watch for signs which speak to your soul and to your intention.

The fun part about beliefs is that you get to choose.  You get to decide what you want to think. Esther Hicks describes a belief as “a thought you think over and over again.” As you decide to get your intuition in shape you need to first evaluate your beliefs and be sure your belief system accepts that guidance exists and intuition is true.

Sonia Knows How To Get Your Inner Guide In Shape

I have returned to the work of Sonia Choquette to get my inner guide in shape.  Sonia has an online course, Ask Your Guides.  Sonia provides simple steps to move your connection forward.

This course is an older recording however Sonia’s wisdom is always engaging and the information is timeless. She is a wise teacher and provides ample guidance for believers to start with the basics.
Pay attention to how you naturally receive guidance.

person looking at night sky to connect with inner guidance Sonia encourages you to pay attention and asks “How do you personally register guidance in your body?”  We are all unique and this subtle energy registers in each of our conscious minds differently. Sonia is clairaudient (clear hearing) and frequently talks about her experience and what she perceives is not audible, not a human voice but a vibration.

There are a number of ways messages can be received. You may see visually or an idea pops up in your head. Many receive messages through feelings that can be present in the throat, upper chest, back of the neck, solar plexus. Some people have a combination of  abilities and may be called primary and secondary. Primary clairaudient (clear hearing) and secondary clairsentient (clear feeling) or some other combination. A full list of the clair’s can be found in Cultivate Your Intuition’s 7 Easy Keys to Unlock Your Intuition. Get your free report today.

Unfortunately, if we don’t know how our guidance comes to us, we tend to ignore messages or simply tune them out.  They don’t get a chance to register. The intellectual mind interferes, says it is not real and discounts the information. Be certain of your beliefs and allow your beliefs to lead the way to get your intuition in shape.

Another important step Sonia repeats often is to give your experience voice – talk about it. Talk about what comes to you: I really see this.  I hear an inner voice. I sense something.

You don’t have to necessarily talk to anyone. You simply speak and acknowledge what has taken place. You may speak aloud or in your head so others don’t start feeding the crazy theory. Tell yourself it’s real and it’s there.

Another message Sonia repeats is “when you name it you claim it”.  It’s really self affirming. I hear this; I see this; I feel this.

What ever the mind of man can conceive and believe,
it can achieve.”
— Napoleon Hill (1883-1970)
American speaker and motivational writer.

Are you ready to get your inner guide in shape?

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