Magical Henna aka Mehndi


Introduction by
Elisabeth Small and Dianne Morais


Henna aka Mehndi by Elisabeth Small Body Art

Eye of Ra by Elisabeth Small

Lovely fragrant Mehndi, the Indian word for Henna! 

Mehndi, also referred to as Henna body art, is a brilliant and beautiful spiritual art form.  The mystical symbolism of the application of Henna is over 5 thousand years old.

There is evidence of the adornment of Henna by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Africans, Asians, Jews, Christians and Indians.  Cleopatra’s hands were Hennaed to ensure protection in the underworlds.


Queen Hatshepsut, the female pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, was also an advocate and wore Henna.  Dying the beard was commonplace in many ancient cultures.  The prophet Mohammed documented his use of henna for dying his beard and his followers also adopted the practice.  Henna is mentioned in the Bible, especially in the words of the Song of Solomon where it is often referred to as “camphir.”

Henna body artFor centuries women have used Henna culturally, magically and ritually to enhance their sexuality, to celebrate their inner Goddess, and to protect themselves or their loved ones.

Henna body art brings luck to those who wear it.  Mehndi marks a right of passage in a woman’s life:  often the Henna stain is deep red in color and is therefore associated with the sexual initiation into womanhood.

Henna, in essence, is an Oracle; the word Mehndi originally meant religious Guide.  The traditional Mehndi gathering is a magical celebration involving intimate prayer and counsel intended to invoke the presence of forces beyond our comprehension – infinitely greater and more powerful than us.  The Mehndi artist is, therefore, a powerful catalyst creating designs upon the wearer that can conjure a magical dialogue and transformation. 


Elisabeth Small of Mechanic Falls, Maine is our resident Henna Artist.
Elisabeth grew up in Spanish Harlem and was exposed to the magical use of Henna at a young age.
Her bio and offering are listed in our directory.

Adornment Henna body Art Contributes to Positive Evolution

Adorning a seeker with Henna helps contribute to a positive evolution of all humankind!  When a seeker comes to me our session is not only about the application of henna, it’s also about attracting happiness, harmony and the Divine.  The session unlocks limiting beliefs and helps us to grow and expand our consciousness. 

It’s about manifesting the wishes of the seeker and providing confidence on a personal and universal level.  Our unconscious emotions determine who and what we attract.  During the session we become more conscious and the application of Henna paste on the wearer literally plants positive seeds in their present endeavors and their interactions with others.

A Henna session is a powerful union that brings positive transformation and shields against destructive forces.  We focus on kindness, compassion and goodness that lead to happiness, health and harmony.  The receiver and I attune ourselves to the higher consciousness in order to seek manifestation with the Universe, creating positive energy to attract our hearts’ desire.

Henna body art

If you are attracted to the power of Henna, check back with us soon!  Elisabeth Small will be posting information from time-to-time explaining the ceremonial and therapeutic uses of Henna.


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