Kinesiology and Body Talk  


Body Talk and Kinesiology are basic, non-invasive, simple tools we can all learn to use to improve our human condition.  These are great skills to acquire for every day use but always consult a practitioner when in doubt or if a condition is persistent.

I have been a patient of kinesiology for at least 25 years while Body Talk and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) are more recent additions to my healthcare. I have worked with muscle testing or applied kinesiology as a major aid for finding food sensitivities.

Why do I keep paying someone to provide basic information when the body is willing to respond to my own inquiry? It’s time to trust our own ability and connect with our body wisdom. Of course we must be realistic and seek professional help when needed; however, learning to listen to our own body is a starting point for all of us. Self-testing is a skill you can acquire through practice and developing a language of communication with your body. 



The Body Talk System – Basics for Body Wisdom


  1. The body has an innate wisdom which when allowed can heal the body at all levels
  2. This innate wisdom can even tell us what is wrong with the body, what needs to be treated, and in what order.
  3. The key element in maintaining health in the body is the reestablishment of communication between all the systems and parts of the body.
  4. The most important consideration in the healing process is the sequence in which the body heals the systems.
  5. The more we respect the body’s innate wisdom (higher self, witness, source, whatever you wish to call it), the more it instructs us and the more powerful it becomes.

*Excerpt from The Body Talk System, John Veltheim.



Methods for Kinesiology or Muscle Testing

There are various ways to muscle test yourself or a loved one and the following videos will help you determine which method may be right for you. Meanwhile, we are in the process of aligning with resources that will provide depth and practical information.



The sway test for quick access to yes or no answers. This can be used for testing food compatibility or any yes no question you wish to ask your body.


Instructions for various methods of self testing and troubleshooting your testing procedures:

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