Today’s Guest Writer ~ Elisabeth Small, Henna Momma ~

DaffodilsToday, I opened my eyes wide and stared with wonder and surprise at the dazzling beauty of snow.  I went outside and felt the silent kisses of snowflakes and reflected upon Spring’s vernal equinox.

I receive inspiration for a Henna ritual to hurry up spring. The vernal equinox, the first day of spring, was March 20th, but today’s snow storm does not care. It is time to intervene.

Vernal equinox rituals center around the annual warming of the earth and the renewal of her fertility. I will prepare a Henna ritual to encourage resurrection of the Sun God from the underworld of winter. Hurry up spring!

Outside, I feel life stirring underneath the snowy blanket covering the land. My knowing tells me it’s time to start batching my Henna paste for my hurry up spring Henna ritual. I begin with meditation on the symbols of spring with rebirth, renewal, purification and love. I always meditate on love for every batch of Henna because only love is real. Love is an energy of incredible power and strength. We are all made of this beautiful energy.

I emphasize a specific focus on the vernal equinox. I ask for guidance for the right mixture and listen for the essential oils to add to my Henna paste for this early spring ritual. I am drawn to add lavender, geranium, frankincense and cajeput oils into the Henna paste.


Ingredients for a Hurry Up Spring Henna Ritual

Lavender is a universal healing oil that is perfect for balancing the body. Therefore I use it in all of my Henna pastes. Lavender helps with anxiety, promotes consciousness, health, love, peace and a general sense of well-being.  Lavender nurtures creativity and is especially healing for the skin and the soul.

Frankincense oil is a holy oil and is found as an ingredient in holy incense and often used during holy ceremonies. It is said that frankincense helps improve communication with the creator. I totally believe this and love working with this oil! Frankincense provides focus, gives energy, adds to spiritual awareness and meditation. Frankincense also helps with impatience and irritability, helps minimize distractions, improves concentration and helps with depression.

Cajuput essential oil is very similar to tea tree oil (also known as melaleuca) and it is a fantastic astringent and is amazing in fighting infections from bacteria, virus and fungus. The  aroma is stimulating, clean and healing. This essential oil is believed to protect against all kinds of evil and is used for cleansing and detoxing. Caajuput may help the mind recover from addictions to uncontrollable habits such as alcohol, smoking etc.

One of my favorites is geranium oil. This oil really affects the heart chakra!  It is used to release negative memories and take a person back to a peaceful joyous time in their life. Geranium balances the emotions, lifts the spirits and fosters peace and well-being.

A ritual using Mehndi, Henna art, is a two part process. First, I create a sacred space for myself and I focus on my heart and crown chakras. I clear my energy with Reiki symbols. Heart and mind are connected through my personal ritual of breathing exercises and meditation. While the Henna paste is warming slowly for 8 to 12 hours, I focus on my intention for the Vernal Equinox. I think about clearing out the old to make way for the new.

Henna design to Hurry Up Spring with cosmic fiddlehead and spring pea pod!

Fresh Henna with fiddlehead and spring pea pod!

After the Henna paste is ready for application, I will adorn myself with this potent mixture of sacred plant medicine, a Henna ritual to hurry up spring. For the vernal equinox designs I am drawn to the designs of Lillies, clover, daffodils and pea pods. Peas are not only a sign of Goddess magic and love; peas are also amongst the first vegetables of the year. I may also be inspired to incorporate butterflies since they are beautiful symbols for transformation, and symbols for the soul. Besides, butterflies are such sweet feminine symbols.

The process of applying the Henna designs is a ritual of deep, singular concentration. I visualize my intentions and a design will seep into my being. After applying my delicious, exoticly fragrant healing paste, I light a candle and hold my designs near the candle allowing the heat to assist penetration of the wet sacred Henna paste into my skin.

The paste and designs will be charged with my intent, and as they fade they release their sweet magic to the universe. Hurry up spring. And what else could be more perfect?

Written by Elisabeth Small ~ Henna Momma

Elisabeth provides Henna sessions with Reiki, Shamanic healing, and Aroma Touch for weddings, baby blessings, goddess circles, rites of passage, protection, good luck and to Hurry Up Spring.


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