Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice for healing and Joe Vitale got me hooked on this practice after hearing a recent interview with Vishen Lakhiani. Joe provided insight into the repetition of ‘I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.’ First of all these four sayings can be done in any order that feels comfortable to you.  Nice to know when chemo brain or some other mental lapse takes over the order is not a concern.

The most striking idea was the depth of meaning and intention behind each phrase that Joe easily explained. I had not fully understood the power of these words or depth of meaning until Joe explained,  “I’m sorry for any beliefs that I have, I gained, I inherited from ancestors or brought on myself that are in my mind.  Please forgive me for being unaware of my own programming.  Thank you for dissolving the limitations, erasing them from my mind.  I love you is moving to the state of pure gratitude and pure unconditional love.  I love divinity.  Divinity loves me.”

Thank You

After hearing this interview I searched the web and found more information about using this for beliefs and clearing away emotional clutter.  Seemed way easier than going to therapy or doing some soul freeing retreat and Ho’oponopono really works to resolve your blocks.



Your beliefs about money

Joe Vitale also talked about money and relates it to anything we want that is not arriving as quickly as we would like.  Joe says

“All you need to know is you are unhappy, uncomfortable, frustrated.  You’re not getting the result that you want and don’t know why.  What you’re saying in effect is I’m trying to attract more money. It’s not coming to me.  Maybe I have beliefs about money.  I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you. 

I’m sorry for whatever beliefs are in me that are preventing money from coming into my life.  Please forgive me for having these beliefs and being unaware of them.  Thank you for taking care of those beliefs.  I love you, bringing me back to a state of peace and prosperity.” 

Woo Hoo — now that says something about setting intention, updating beliefs and getting results.


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