Seek harmony and balance to ignite your self-love and fuel your intuition. When you feel like you are in the groove, full of harmony and balancing the pressures of life, it is easy to feel love for self and others. It’s no surprise that your intuition works really well when self-love is flowing freely.

A lack of self-love may be the biggest block to intuition that you face. If you spend time beating yourself up with negative self-talk or abusing yourself with self-destructive behaviors, you may be struggling more than you realize. Self-love invites in and welcomes the energy that accompanies moments of great insight. We need to appreciate our own greatness.

Start listening to what you are telling yourself. Be aware of what you say to yourself when you have success, either big or small. Also, listen to your inner dialogue when you stumble or come up short. Do you really like what you see in the mirror? Self love is healthy.  It is not self-indulgent, selfish or egotistical. Tune into your feelings at the most basic level by listening to your own internal self-talk.

Are You Overwhelmed or Exhausted?


When overwhelmed, exhausted or stressed, many people often try to do even more instead of slowing down to look after and care for their selves. Practice self love by taking time for yourself, expressing who you really are and thinking positive thoughts. Take a walk, soak in the tub, practice affirmations or whatever feels right to feed your soul the harmony it craves for intuitive connection.

When we are stressed, tired or overwhelmed, it’s easy to miss the signals coming from our sixth sense. Shutting off the inner critic and listening without judgment will pay rewards, bolster self-love and fuel your intuition.

This reminds me Two wolvesof the Cherokee legend about the two wolves within and the terrible fight going on inside everyone. One wolf is evil, anything undesirable, and the second wolf is good. The wolf that wins is the one you feed.

Which wolf will you feed? Will you choose to ignite self-love and fuel your intuition?



Caroline Myss, bestselling author and international speaker on human consciousness and spirituality, tells us,  “the key to clear intuition is respect for yourself.” She teaches that if you do not have respect for yourself you will never trust your gut instinct. It makes sense.  If you don’t value yourself, how can you value the flow of information that comes through you? Remember, honoring your intuition and recognizing it’s presence and value, will pave the way for more to come to you.

Your intuition is always present and ready to support you. Your job is to listen to your inner voice and allow the answers to your questions to be heard.  Even small steps in the direction of self-love will make a difference.

I’ve wondered if cancer is all about learning to love yourself. More on that later, but sometimes it takes a walk in the shadows in order to see the light. Are you willing to move out of the dark, walk in the light of self love, and fuel your intuition? Take a moment and tell us what is holding you back.

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