Inspiration is fleeting. It comes and goes on its own mysterious schedule making scientific research rather inconclusive.  Scientific understanding of inspiration gets complicated because inspiration is often associated with the supernatural or divine.

What’s up with inspiration? Trust your inner knowledge and find important messages from inspiration.

By accident, I found an important message about inspiration I knew had to share.

I had done some research and made notes while looking for a point of view about inspiration that resonated with the new normal in our global community. Things have been unsettled and a message about inspiration promised to be helpful.

In the chaos I was distracted, juggled some other projects, and changed gears a couple of times. 

 that remainedWhere’s the message about inspiration?

Being inspired to write about inspiration was a gift. I was aware the idea had slipped into my consciousness. I did acknowledge it. I enjoyed that moment of high excitement that comes when you feel a divine interaction. A welcomed response after asking for guidance.

Research was done and when the time finally arrived to put thoughts on paper the precious research notes had vanished. Zip. Gone. Nada.

I was panicked. I looked everywhere possible, over and over again, waiting for those notes to magically reappear.

All that surfaced in my search was a small half-page of scribbled notes that somehow had separated from the more meaty research.

All was not lost!

An inspirational message is difficult to measure and evaluate according to scientific standards. Scientific research suggests inspiration is not willed – it happens.

So, there’s no control and you can’t order one on Amazon. There’s no logical way to will inspiration into existence.

Michael Jackson believed in and understood the ephemeral nature of inspiration, the creative flow state, which flows through the collective consciousness and is drawn to a matching frequency. Inspiration wants action and will flow to another artist to act upon.

You’ve probably had the experience yourself when you’ve had a major insight or idea. Later you hear about or see the same new idea or product. You shake your head and shrug it off as you recall you were visited by that same idea. You may have tossed it around and realized you were onto something.

What happened? Time passed. . . . you did not act and the universe did not wait for your wake-up call. Someone else caught the creative flow and took action.

When I began to research inspiration, I did start to act on the initial idea. Progress was made but then it sat too long without action and as mysteriously as the inspiration arrived — Poof. Research disappeared with barely a trace.

The half-page of scribbled notes had an appropriate quote and the words have taken on greater importance.

I’m making the most of the situation because that little half-page of research notes had its own hidden message . . .

You need to act on inspiration!

Let me explain.

Writers, artists, and other creators commonly emphasize the importance of inspiration in the creative process. Michael Jackson was a musical icon and there’s a story about the importance he placed on receiving inspiration for his music.

When a musical inspiration came to him, he knew he had to act on it . . .  and possibly quickly. He would jump into action to get the words and the melody together and have it recorded before another artist connected with the same idea and inspiration.

If he did not act quickly, he was aware another artist would receive the creative flow of inspiration and another artist would be the first to produce a new musical inspiration.

Here’s the important message about inspiration you need:


“Inspiration involves both being inspired by something and
acting on that inspiration.”
~ Todd Thrasher and Andrew Elliot, Psychologists and Researchers


Now I get it! I’m glad I did not beat myself up for losing track of my research notes because there’s a silver lining. The message was waiting in plain sight in the scribbled half-page of notes.

The message to act on inspiration is the perfect message.

We’ve all been through a ton of challenges and more change and uncertainty are in the air. We’re all looking for inspiration for when or how to move forward and inspiration needs action.

The message today is to act on your inspiration. Be the change-maker and bring your inspiration to life through your action.

Inspiration is an awakening to new possibilities. It’s uplifting and exciting.

Just remember inspiration is best when you act on it!

I’d love to hear from you and about your inspiration.

What action did you take?

~ Dianne Morais
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