Picture this. The California sunshine peeking through the towering trees that guide a clear pathway to a beautiful and tranquil garden. The wind from the Pacific Ocean moves through the leaves, as you feel it caress your skin. It’s 8 AM. on a Monday morning. You walk aimlessly with no destination in mind. You walk with a hot green tea in your hand and headphones in as you hum to your favorite music. But where are you going? You’re in the concrete jungle and you need to namaste.

Rewind to a few years back. I was living in Miami Beach. Miami is one of the most gorgeous cities in the world known for its luxurious lifestyle, buzzing nightlife and passionate people. Surrounded by this amazing scenery, you will find me in a luxury boutique hotel. Don’t get too excited now. This was no vacation.

It all started when I was a sales & marketing intern in college. I was infatuated with having an office overlooking private beaches, planning glamorous events and meeting people from all around the world. As a young hospitality professional, I was motivated to be a manager by the age of 25.


A Lot To Prove In The Concrete Jungle

I had people watching me, waiting for me to fail and I was determined to prove them wrong from day one. I was a hungry professional in this tropical concrete jungle. I was hungry to learn, to be noticed and to climb that corporate ladder as quickly as I could.

Working alongside middle aged men with years of experience in the industry, is a daily challenge for any young woman. You have to constantly prove yourself every moment of every single day and you are expected to act well beyond your years. In this environment you need to namaste.

Fast forward to a few years later, I was 24 years old and the youngest Marketing Manager of a historical boutique hotel and landmark in the city of Miami Beach. Even after years of working hard towards my managerial role, this was only the beginning. I still had a lot to prove. I started working longer hours and worked on the weekends.

It’s funny how I worked on the beach, but never even spent a day of leisure soaking up the sun. Every day was a rush, waking up to hundreds of emails, messages, missed calls and the rush of traffic on Collins Avenue. This was a nonstop routine that didn’t seem to have an end.

It’s interesting where life takes you. A few years later I received an opportunity to head back home to Los Angeles. I packed and shipped everything back home. As I took an Uber to the airport, I got emotional. I  tried to hold back my tears as every place I passed by in this luscious Miami concrete jungle was not a reminder of my accomplishments, but instead was a reminder of my regrets.

I regret being married to my job and climbing the corporate ladder and never seizing the moment to enjoy Miami and to bask in all of its beauty. It broke my heart to be filled with regret instead of a sense of satisfaction. As I left Miami and moved to California, I vowed to evoke a life of wellness of the mind, body and soul, and to take the time to live in the present. I was ready to namaste.

As I settled back home in Los Angeles and in my new job, I would arrive at the office an hour early every day to avoid that famous L.A. traffic. Instead of using that hour stuck on my phone and answering emails, I used that time to “namaste”. I worked on a beautiful college campus with an amazing zen garden. I would listen to music or an inspirational podcast, refill my thermos with hot green tea and would start walking.

California is famous for its beautiful weather and its sunshine. I took this hour to myself to walk aimlessly, to look up at the trees, at the sun, at the roses blooming, and at the birds flying. I would choose a spot in the garden and just sit there in silence.  I would look at the motion of nature, the shape of the clouds and how gracefully they moved in the sky. This was my moment in the golden concrete jungle to surrender to nature.

I would sit in the present, look around at nature and allow myself to open to the moment in nature. This helped start my day with clarity. I could zoom through the day feeling positive, refreshed. I did this every day before our office opened.

Looking back at my 24 year old self I wish I could have told her:
“Girl, you need to namaste. You will get to where you need to be.”


Surrender to Nature & Namaste

Walking trail along the Hudson River in the concrete jungle

~ Hudson River walking trail

The best thing sometimes is to surrender to nature, surrender to the calling of the universe and walk aimlessly. You never know if you will find a beautiful zen garden to call home. If you find yourself in the hustle of your career, stuck in the middle of traffic as you zoom in between client meetings, or wake up after only a few hours of sleep, tell yourself, “Girl, you need to namaste”.

Now I live in New York City, a city surrounded by a concrete jungle and I still incorporate this nature walk in my daily life. I am lucky to be in walking distance to Central Park and a walking trail along the Hudson River.

After a productive day of work, I go for a walk, put some music on, and surrender myself to nature. I take time to namaste. I clear all the stresses away from the day, clear my mind, feel the sunshine, feel the wind and just walk aimlessly. I walk with a sense of gratitude that makes me feel accomplished for the day, the week and the month.

Have you taken a moment to namaste today?

Lucy Capul is the Director of Old Fashioned Marketing & Consulting. Her background in hospitality management with expertise in sales, marketing and special events has lead her to launch her own online marketing company. Lucy specializes in web design, social media management, branding and market consulting. Her vision and intent is to help businesses and organizations launch or rebrand for great social impact. Old Fashioned Marketing & Consulting is built to help you run your business behind the scenes so you can do the things you enjoy. Originally from Los Angeles, California, you can find Lucy eating her way through New York City, while finding time to “namaste” in the concrete jungle she now calls home.


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