Progress is not always a straight path and the winding road can expose lots of uncertainty. There must be an easier way to get past a thorny patch or to move the occasional boulder that shows up along the way.

I’m all about easy and not because I am especially lazy. It’s more that I am inclined to want what I want – right now. Don’t you? Tuning into your inner guide often and making friends with patience will ease the winding road.

Progress can be easy and there are sign posts, even giant billboards, along the way to guide you.  Are you clear about your direction or desire? 20/20 hindsight is amazing but the best information comes from now, in the moment. So tune into your inner guide on a regular basis throughout your day and feel the connection of being present. Get comfortable with now. (Note to self:  My impatience must struggle with that one.)

Get clear on what you want and ask for help. I’m talking about universal help that is always available and waiting for an invitation. Tuning into your inner guide, spirit, the divine, your intuition, or whatever you wish to call it, will assist you and will keep you on your true path.

If we all have the ability to tap in and receive guidance, I have to wonder what keeps throwing so many of us off course. We need to get comfortable with some of the basics and there’s nothing more basic than knowing and believing you are already well equipped for the journey.  You have everything you need but are you tuning in?


We’re Well Equipped But Not Well Trained


communication tower with satellite dishesWe are all equipped for this connection with our inner guidance but not well trained in modern society.  First know, really believe you have the ability to connect with your inner guidance and then begin to take the steps to fine tune your reception. Our free report, 7 Easy Keys to Unlock Your Intuition is a primer for tuning in to your inner guidance system, your intuition. Request your free copy now.

Tune into what feels right for you and continue to do it. Not just when you are confused and at a crossroads. If you strengthen your connection to your inner guides as you go about daily activities, you will be better prepared for the big decisions. Be sure to take time to frequently ask for, tune in, and listen to your inner guidance.

Maybe you cannot understand the answer, do not accept the idea or simply things are not turning out the way you expect. There are detours in life. Some experiences feel like failure. We are evolving and some of the side trips into the thorns and bushes of life are there to teach us.  Remember you have the ability to listen to your own unique guidance which will always steer you towards a positive outcome.

Guidance comes in subtle forms and it can come so fast you may wonder if you made it up, or worse, you simply filter it out and miss the message. Get familiar with and learn to listen to the language of your own unique compass.

Pay attention to what comes to you because everything that happens is potential guidance. It is our job to ask, be receptive, recognize guidance and to act on it. Don’t forget to say thank you and get a  groove on gratitude.

Just for the record, I do not have this figured out. I am, and will continue to be, a work in progress. A couple of resources that are currently influencing my progress are Sonia Choquette and Lynn Robinson.  Sonia has a new and improved website where she is currently offering her training programs at a whopping 40% off.

My inner guide loves a sale!

What does your inner guide love?

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