If you want to strengthen your intuition in relationships, you need to be aware of your own signs and signals. According to Judith Orloff, MD, intuitive healer and best selling author, there are five intuitive experiences about romance you should not ignore.

  • Body signals. Often referred to as “gut instinct.” Pay attention to how you physically react to people and learn to read your body signals.
  • Déjà vu. Do not ignore the experience. Think about it, discuss it with a friend and determine what it’s telling you.  It could be a sign that things are going right or very wrong.
  • Synchronicity. The experience of perfect timing. While it can be a strong affirmation, it may also be telling you to pause and think.
  • Seeing beyond. Ever think of an ex and suddenly they text you or appear in some way? Or maybe you want takeout when suddenly your significant other walks through the door with dinner. These are flashes – a taste, smell, sound or feeling in your body. The better you get at listening to your body the clearer the messages will become.
  • Intuitive empathy. This is when you pick up on another person’s hidden emotions and you just know how someone is feeling. Being sensitive to other people can be a valuable skill. Take care though as it can lead to adverse effects and drain your energy.

If you would like to read Dr. Orloff’s full text for the Five Intuitive Experiences in Relationships you can find it here. Dr. Orloff also explains how to use and benefit from each of these experiences in your romantic relationships.

Strengthening your intuition in your relationships, both career and personal, will provide a trusted connection that will serve you well. It takes a little time and practice to know yourself, your instincts and how your intuition speaks to you, however, the payback will never break your heart or compromise your loyalty.

More information for intuition in relationships can be found here.

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