Intuition becomes increasingly valuable in our information society precisely because there is so much data.” ~ John Naisbitt


Listen to Tim Cook, CEO for Apple Computer, talk about his decision to join Apple in 1998 even though all indications and advice were against the move. He followed his intuition and it’s been good for all of us!



Intuition in Business: A Trusted Guidance System for Successful Entrepreneurs

Intuition is a trusted guidance system for successful entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey, Joe Vitale, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and many others who have skyrocketed to success.  Do you wish you had better insight into unknown territory? Do you feel overwhelmed making decisions in these days of data overload?

A combination of data and intuition can lead you to the positive results you are seeking. Imagine what it would be like to make decisions and move your business or career forward with less effort and worry. Imagine the results when you tune in and follow your own inner guidance, your universal compass

“There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis.”
                    ~ Malcolm Gladwell

You’ll also find useful information in our growing Resources section.


Intuition in business book Put Your Intuition to Work

“Put Your Intuition to Work: How To Supercharge Your Inner Wisdom To Think Fast And Make Great Decisions” is a great book and useful tool by Lynn A. Robinson. Lynn’s insight and wisdom will show you how to grow and utilize your intuition in all areas of your life even though it is focused on business and work. We’ll be exploring her process and other helpful tools as we dig into using intuition in business. You can also find useful information in our growing Resources section.



How to use crystals at work

  • Place a quartz cluster or purple fluorite cluster next to your computer to help protect you from its electromagnetic field.  I also use a black tourmaline found in Western Maine.
  • Place a smoky quartz on your desk or in your work space to protect yourself against the stress and frustration of your coworkers or clients.
  • Keep a rose quartz or amethyst with you. When work is stressful, hold it in your hand or rub it with your fingers.

You can learn more about crystals and gemstones here.

Invoke the assistance of Archangels in business and career

Archangels can only help us if we ask for help. Remember to ask!

Archangel Michael protects us in many ways, including guarding our reputation and job status. If you have problems at work or in your career, ask archangel Michael for guidance and to help you make important life changes. Brings courage, strength, and clears negative energy so you can move forward in manifesting your dreams.

Archangel Raphael is a guardian for travel, business or pleasure and asking for help will provide a smooth ride.

Uriel brings guidance to help you find the way towards increased wealth in all areas of your life. Uriel can help you find a job, start a business, or to simply remember you deserve financial abundance in your life.

More information awaits you about Angels and Devas and Guides – oh my!.

Protection Roses and how to use them

If you find you are highly sensitive around other people, a Protection Rose is a simple intuitive tool you can use for protection.  It rests out in front of you about two feet in front of your face, at the edge of your aura.  This rose can absorb different energies directed at you, preventing anything unwanted from getting into your space.

  • Imagine a three dimensional rose at the edge of your aura.  It can be any color you choose.
  • Put some of your energy into it by visualizing a picture of yourself in the middle of it.
  • The Protection Rose can help you in crowded situations where there are lots of people and a lot of dynamics going on.  It can also be used to “catch” any negative energies being thrown at you from someone who is angry of upset, so it won’t affect you as much.
  • Check this rose at least once a day and “explode” it into tiny pieces (Note: don’t worry, any time you explode a rose it doesn’t hurt anyone, it just returns their energy back to them).
  • You can explode a rose anytime you think it’s full, and just create a new one as needed!

I was recently introduced to Protection Roses by Kristyn Caetano of Elixify Your Life.  Although I have found other variations I like the simplicity and straight forward approach Kristyn provides.  Be sure to check out Kristyn’s bio in our resource section..


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