Here you’ll find helpful resources to discover why journal writing is worth your time and how to get started. Journal topics and styles have such a wide range. You can let your writing take any direction: light, deep, specific or broad. Whatever your journal turns out to be, most importantly, it’s yours!

How do you keep track of what is happening in this rapidly changing world full of emotions? Your writing allows dialogue to make sense of your universe. Journaling provides insight into the details, patterns and the dreams of your world. Maybe you’re just starting, restarting or expanding your commitment to journal writing.  Wherever you are in your writing, a journal naturally assists and encourages reflection.

Before we explore some of the types of journals your writing can utilize, let’s first look at why you want to engage journal writing as part of your regular practice.

First up Ericson Ay Mires who says you are missing out on gems of knowledge and insight and journal writing is the answer. He is so gung ho on journal writing he says it can shed light on achieving any possible goal. His view is all about personal growth, clarity and overall development through journal writing.

Journal Writing: 5 Smart Reason Why YOU Should Start Doing It Today     By: Ericson Ay Mires

Keeping it simple, Shaman Sisters weigh in with their 7 Reasons Why We Love Journaling (And You Should, Too!)

Check out the 10 ways journal writing will make a difference in your life.  Clarity, creativity, organization and more happy dancing may be just what you are looking for.


You’ve Got Your Why – Now Find The How


In the past I’ve tried journal writing on the computer and it just didn’t click for me. I’m old enough to have a deep relationship with pen and paper. Luckily whatever works for you, keyboard or pen, is the right answer. I did find a resource that said handwriting keeps it more spontaneous. Your handwriting also says a lot about your emotional state. That’s something you won’t get from a keyboard.

I’m relieved these resources are not suggesting journal writing needs to be daily. Restarting my journal practice included a goal for daily journal writing which turned into a major failure. My writing outside of this blog has been very unstructured. I’ve been writing sporadically and writing anything that comes to mind as I work journaling into my routine.

inspirational picture at the beach for journal writing in natureLet nature inspire your writing or simply keep a journal about your adventures in nature. Here in rural Maine there are frequent interactions with animals in their natural habitat. I’ve had a nature journal in the past to record the details of interesting encounters. Maybe it’s time to also restart my nature journal.

Forget about the Dear Diary. There’s lots of new ways to utilize a journal and reap the benefits. Keep your why in mind as you explore the different avenues your writing can take in the following resources. Find the type of journal that appeals to you, gain clarity and your how will become easier.

Next resource is a straight forward list from Dark Tea without a lot of fluff.  A quick read with 15 ways to capture your attention and direct your writing.  Author, Kate Davis, believes everything benefits from being simple.

Thinking Through Your Fingers (What a great name!) can jump start ideas for your journal writing with 12 different kinds of journals. Find one that resonates and simply start writing.


What About Journal Writing for Intuition?


Amazingly these great resources had limited references to journal writing for intuition and inner guidance. Keeping a journal about your intuitive experience is a great way to accumulate evidence. A while ago I started a journal just for my gut instinct experiences.  After colon cancer and a colostomy reconnection my gut occasionally likes to weigh in on certain events. Keeping track with a journal validates and invites more experience.

In this short article, Sheryl Strading talks about intention and desire to express your true self. She views journal writing as a spiritual practice and meditative process that releases emotion.

Louise Stigell uses her journal for inner guidance and offers 7 ways journal writing will make your life better plus 5 ways to establish a journaling practice. This is a great resource.

The Intuitive Self website has General Guidelines for journaling which includes subjects to cover such as Successful Intuitions, Recognizing our Misses, and Capturing Intuitive Experiences (click on the Intuition Journal heading). They also provide a format, either abbreviated or detailed, you can follow to explore your personal insights.

drawing of lady writing a journalDon’t worry about grammar, spelling or what someone else might think. Your journal is for you and no one else. Start or restart your journal writing and you’ll have a personal resource to aid your self-reflection.

We’d love to hear your comments. Please share your why for journal writing and what keeps you going.


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