Everyone benefits from journaling in ways you may not realize.  Journaling may come and go over your lifetime; it has its own ebb and flow. Through writing you focus on what’s important to you. Journaling will make sense of your universe as you shine a little light on what you experience, believe and feel.

It’s your story and you get to say how it feels and what it means to you.  That’s not exactly what we are taught to do or say; however that’s exactly why journaling is so good for you.

Your heart opens as you express your feelings word by word. It’s you and the journal and you feel safe. Way more safe than blogging!!

Your journal identifies a place in time by weaving events into the fabric of your recollection. It produces a timeline marking meaningful events: happy or sad, large or small, benign or not so much. Journaling can capture the strength of a hurricane, beauty of a sunset, the joy of child’s play or a journey to unknown places.

Developing a routine in your writing creates a pattern of allowing your heart to open and letting the words flow. Repetition creates easy access to the fountainhead of ideas and the flow of information that comes when we connect regularly to source energy.

Writing with your heart open creates the space for meaningful messages. Through journaling you can make sense of your universe.

As you seek the words to describe the moment, your focus and presence sends an invitation and summons your inner guides. They are always ready to help but their messages are often lost in the chatter of life.  Take pen in hand, remain present and your inner guides have an opportunity to give you a nudge or an entire essay.

purple mandala

Your writing solidifies your beliefs, your ideas, and your insight. You get to know who you really are without any filter. Your inner guide is at work.  Some beliefs are destroyed with the stroke of a pen while others are given birth, a place to begin. It all starts to make sense and everything is good in the universe.


Clarity: Your Reliable Informer and Decision Maker

Unless you’re happy to hide in fear, you seek answers and look for clarity. You want the ability to see the next step. Journaling brings new insight. Solutions become obvious or at least a next step becomes clear. As the words come to you in journaling you find clarity is your reliable informer and decision maker.

So where does this clarity come from? You’re writing as your inner guide whispers in your ear.  Sometimes the words just fall onto the page.  Other times you dig for them. You search your soul for the right expression and light up the page. Whatever happens you begin to make sense of your universe and clarity guides your decision making.

Each time you write you work with spirit. It’s an alchemy. Where does one end and the other begin? Don’t get lost in structure or naming the details. It doesn’t matter. Simply allow the alchemy of writing to make sense of your universe. Go ahead. Journal your way to clarity, make decisions and move forward.

chinese characters for clarityI’ve started journaling again and the universe is making sense word by word.

How do you make sense of your universe?


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