It’s the season of reflection and anticipation to manifest your dreams. When I look at my progress, I’m ready for a manifesting generator to bring more of my dreams to life. I understand how everything in my life has come full circle and how every opportunity, situation, and the people that I’ve met has led me to the present day.

We all have goals but how can you make sure your desires, dreams, and goals come to life? To manifest means to “display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate”. How can you display, show, demonstrate with feeling your desires and goals in the year ahead?

Manifestation is a key component in the Law of Attraction. What you believe will become your reality. But I am sure many of us have certain goals to become a movie star/celebrity, write that book or to win the lotto and none of it has come true. Frustrating!  Am I right?

I’ve wondered how can I manifest my goals and avoid disappointment at the end of another year. Then, suddenly during one of my morning journaling sessions, something clicked. When you want to plan and manifest something, you must learn to be proactive and surrender.

First get clarity around your specific plans, your visions and goals. Write it down in detail. Work on it every single day. If you want to publish a book, write a page or chapter every single day. Feel the joy that it brings you when you write a chapter and envision it being published.


Manifest your dreams with a slice of metaphor

A metaphor is a fun way to remember and can help you change your perspective and assist with manifesting your dreams. The art of manifestation is like going to your favorite restaurant.

You go into a restaurant, take a look at the menu and contemplate the many choices available to you. You decide what appeals to you and you place your order. Once you place your order, the waiter gives it to the chef to prepare and you sit and wait patiently (or at least try to wait).

You might have a conversation with the company around the table, watch a game on the TV at the bar, read a book, or as many millenials will do, stay busy with your phone. But you aren’t nervous about your order because you know that you will receive your requested meal at any moment.

Your Order is up. Joe's Pizza box

Place your order with The Universe

The universe is your personal waiter and may send you suggestions on your order, substitutions, or even offer something better that is not on the menu. Be open to the communication you receive. The universe takes your order gives it to God, a higher being or infinite wisdom. It’s your like your personal gourmet chef who is working behind the scenes to make that dish for you.

If your order arrives a few minutes late, it’s because the universe is working on perfecting your order for your highest good. When it finally arrives, you understand why it took longer than expected. As Gabby Bernstein always says, “the universe has your back”.

Recently, I placed my order with the universe and am currently waiting for my meal to arrive. I have learned to balance my thoughts, to be proactive every single day in working towards my goals and to surrender.

As I wait I keep busy. I stay hungry for growth, constantly improve myself and bookend my days with my “namaste” sessions of journaling, meditation and my nature walks. I wait patiently, preparing myself to receive what I want to manifest. What did I order you may ask? Will it be better than what I expect? I’ll let you know.

Message from the Universe: “May I take your order?”

Lucy Capul is the Director of Old Fashioned Marketing & Consulting. Old Fashioned Marketing & Consulting is an ode to her hospitality background, both professionally and personally, as well as an ode to whiskey lovers, just like herself. It is a place where small and large businesses are supported in their marketing goals and efforts. Marketing is not one size fits all and Lucy will create your customized “marketing cocktail”. Old Fashioned Marketing provides services from website design, social media marketing, branding and more focusing on a lifelong partnership with each client. What drink can Lucy make for you today?

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