Your environment holds many messages and wherever you are is where magic can happen.  Nature speaks. There is no need for a pilgrimage to a special happening place. City life, suburbia or a mountain top all deliver situations and messages designed just for you. Are you listening?

I’m definitely enjoying this class with Robert Moss, Living Your Mythic Edge: Opening to Synchronicity, Magic & the Wisdom of the Oracles All Around You. Robert reminds us to “Check your attitude and carry some magic because if you don’t have some magic within you you probably won’t find it in the world around you.”

Nature Speaks: Bluebird Gets the Worm!

I’m fortunate to live in rural Maine. This spring a pair of Bluebirds decided to build their nest in my yard so their frequent visits are no surprise. These beautiful creatures always capture the show but the female Bluebird that slowly devoured her worm in plain sight caught my attention and I knew it was special.

Birch Tree with Bluebird nest. Nature speaks.

Can you find the Bluebird nest at the top right?

The Bluebird gets the worm was a favorable sign for a business project in the works.

A few days later when I was not feeling so positive about the project, lady bluebird appeared again in the same place eating another worm. The bluebird’s visit was fast and fleeting this time but it surely buoyed my attitude. A third sighting came a couple of days later to seal my forward momentum for the project.

Robert’s revelation that everything is alive and everything is talking may seem a bit whimsical. There’s another web of life that remains rich with information. Nature speaks – are you listening?

Simply look around wherever you are and tune into your environment. Carry some magic, be present and listen when nature speaks. Our environment is ripe with clues for what we need to know, where we need to be and to help us move forward. Are you listening?

Everything around you acts like a giant tarot card, full of symbols and information specific to you.

This is so much easier than wondering when you’ll hear the words of guidance come through. Not many of us are easily or readily clairaudient so it may not happen at all. Wondering where your clairvoyance is? It might be edgy and cool but what if you’re not up to speed or frequency or simply have not devoted time to practice? We don’t have to wait for these big gifts to shift into our awareness. They are nice to know but we don’t necessarily need to meet the clairs.

Observe and listen as you walk a city street, shop for groceries or as you wander a wooded path. Each moment can hold a message for you. Nature speaks when you listen to your environment and observe with an open and present mind.

We can receive messages and guidance from most anything. You’ll know what is important by the way you feel. Feeling is your clue to meaning. Your feelings will tell you a coincidence is meaningful.

We’re getting to that numinous thing again. It’s the nod from God. You feel it. You know when it has meaning or importance. Notice the relationship between things. Look for the signs of correspondence.

Check Your Attitude for Magic

Anything can happen when you carry magic in your attitude. Whatever appears in your path has merit and meaning. Are you listening?

So stay present. Listen, observe and feel the feelings. The magic of life. It’s not just for special passages or big things. It’s everyday magic. It’s always happening; there’s always communication. There are many ways to be connected and this one is fun and easy. Just my cup of tea!

I need to share this again because it’s just such a simple pathway to finding answers. Robert Moss says to state “I want guidance on ________________” and fill in the blank. Then go about your business and when something a bit out of the ordinary captures your attention be mindful, listen and observe. Check your feelings. The answers are in the simple things and all of it is talking.

Please tell us how nature has spoken to you in the comments below?

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