There is much to learn from our natural environment. Look around and drink in the smallest details and listen to the message when nature speaks.  When you observe and listen, the answers you seek can be found in stones, a soaring bird or nearby tree.

At first I wrote ‘nature speaks softly’ but I listened to the news and was reminded of the natural havoc unleashed on the world. There’s always extremes in nature and nature does not always speak softly.  I watched National Geographic and basically relived the destruction of Port Royal in the Caribbean in 1692 and then the 1906 quake in San Francisco. Nature spoke loud and strong.

nature speaks softly through apple blossomLiving in rural Maine is a blessing. The connection to the natural environment is nearly inescapable. Spring brings rapid changes to the landscape. It changes from drab brown to vibrant green in a matter of a days.

It is magical when nature speaks softly

The natural environment will fill you with wonder and remind you that your big awesome dreams are possible. Your imagination takes root as the natural world around you is going through its own transformation. The natural environment includes violent storms and upheaval and always has. The history of our physical world is full of destructive stories of sudden, natural changes. I appreciate the soft voice of spring in Maine this year.

Most of nature’s rebirth is automatic. It takes its own course and needs nothing from humankind other than an opportunity to be. Through a combination of seemingly simple ingredients the trees awaken. They sprout new leaves, send out their unique seed pods and expand their growth rings. The time is right. The tree knows what to do and willingly responds to the opportunity to be all it can be.

Witness the miracles of the natural world with reverence and look for the message nature carries. Everything is alive. Allow yourself to wonder what is possible for your own growth, transformation or outcome from adversity. Sometimes it may erupt and other times it awakens gently.

We have the capacity to dream. Look for signs in your natural environment as you dream and learn to follow your heart’s desire. Listen to nature speak and let it fuel your growth to reach beyond.

What signs in your natural environment have captured your attention today?

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