Angels and Devas

            and Guides –oh my!



Exploring nature spirits such as angels and devas and guides is a huge subject with extensive resources for review. It’s easy to understand when you simply believe!

Cultures around the world recognize the existence of spirit beings that come in many forms. Modern westerners are sometimes skeptical whereas people in much of the world recognize and have reverence for an abundance of spirits, seen and unseen.

I believe I have had encounters and feel they are always nearby doing their work of love and light. My belief comes from years of living close to nature and staying in tune with my gardens – watching, sensing and being open to the experience in the moment.

The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of the kinds of spiritual beings that are all around us. Within the plane of spirit exists a hierarchy with angels at the top. The ranks are filled with many names, descriptions and purposes.  Let’s explore and learn to know and enjoy some of these beings that accompany our earthly existence.



Archangels are the highest in the angelic kingdom and embody divine attributes.  These light workers are at the service of mankind and oversee the responsibilities of Guardian Angels and other light beings.  It is important to note that it is much easier for your angels to come to your aid when you ask them for angelic assistance. The four archangels that are mentioned most frequently are:

Michael  – Protection – Truth & Courage – Michael intervenes to save lives, protect belongings and reputations.  Element: Fire
RaphaelHealing – Raphael works to heal mind, body, spirit, relationships, and the environment.   Element: Air
Gabriel  – Communication – Gabriel sends clarity and clear insight through dreams and visions. Element: Water
Uriel  – Wisdom – Uriel carries supreme knowledge of all that is and assists in many areas of life.  Element:  Earth

Spirit of Place

Every place on earth has an illuminating presence called the Spirit of Place.  Genius loci is Latin for spirit or guardian deity of a place. When we spend time in a particular location, it is this presence, the spirit of place, that we often connect with first.  The Spirit of Place is what attracts us and draws us to that particular location and it can influence our lives as well as shape the actions of the area it inhabits.

The Spirit of Place can be found everywhere, even in the busiest or most polluted corners of the world where they work tirelessly.


Landscape Angels preside over vast areas


Landscape Angel blowing a kissLandscape Angels are similar to the Spirits of Place only their presence extends over a larger and more vast area. They hold the energetic quality of these regions. The earth has many Landscape Angels at different levels of responsibility and they all report to Gaia, the mother earth goddess of Greek mythology.

For example there are landscape angels overseeing the City of Portland, Maine, the San Francisco Bay, the Hudson River and the whole expanse of the United States.


Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides accompany us as we travel through life – sometimes for our entire lifetime and sometimes for a shorter specific length of time.  They often come to assist us through a particular phase of growth. We may have more than a few Guides supporting us on our journey through life. A Spirit Guide is a powerful resource from whom we may ask for and receive guidance, help, clarity, and insight.

Totems are Spirit Guides who come to us in non-human forms such as animals, plants and rocks.


Devas – Architects of Nature

Devas are the architects of the nature kingdom.  They are spiritual beings that hold the pattern and energy needed to bring the myriad of life forms in nature into existence.  Devas communicate through telepathy or gentle nudges and will send signals from nature – sudden sounds, rushes of wind or ripples in water.  Devas are the more highly evolved nature spirits and direct the multitude of smaller elementals.


Nature Spirits

Nature Spirits were worshiped by the Greeks and Romans who believed spirits inhabited every glen, pool, and even the air.  There are countless numbers of these spirits dwelling in every conceivable place working to keep nature in balance.

  • Each tree, flower, plant, stone, and animal has a spirit, an intelligence.
  • Nature Spirits vary in size, form and personality.
  • They live in wild places as well as man made places.
  • They are often friendly although they also have been known to  be mischievous.Large Rocks with faces and moss

We are unable to see Nature Spirits unless they show themselves to us. In the past they appeared  more often but today there are much fewer sightings.  It is speculated that this change may be due to aggressive human behavior, but just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there! As planet Earth evolves out of conflict perhaps we will begin to see and experience nature spirits more often.

The most notable Nature Spirit is Pan, also known as The Green Man. He is considered by some to be the God of the Nature Spirits and the voice of nature.  He is half man and half goat.

Devas, Nature Spirits and Elementals all work closely with the earth, manifesting and supporting all expressions of creation and destruction of life. You can find more fascinating information about Elementals here.


Elementals are builders that bring life forms into existence


Elementals are the builders that work with the pattern and energy held by the Devas to bring each life form into existence. They are believed to be the life force in all living things. Elementals are a lower type of Nature Spirit and have a lower energy vibration compared to the high ranking Angels. Elementals work with the forces of nature embodied in the four elements – earth, air, fire and water.  In addition to existing in the four elements, it is thought they are present in the planets and stars, the signs of the zodiac and the hours of the day and night. Generally, Elementals are looked upon as benevolent creatures that maintain natural harmony; the building block of nature.

Each Elemental lives exclusively within its own element and appears as a miniature humanoid.  The gnomes are odd and misshapen while others are delicate and beautiful. You can tune into Elementals by their qualities.  The most common types are Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs and Salamanders:


Gnomes – earth elemental – tending the earth

Gnomes work and maintain the physical structure of the earth.  They help us to tune into the earth’s energies and show us how to best utilize them.  Gnomes will assist us in maintaining our physical bodies and help us become aware of our physical senses.

Fairies and Fish in water

Undines – water elemental – guardians of the sea

Undines hold, express and support all aspects of the element water. They are the expression of intuition, creative imagination, creation and birth. They can be found wherever there is a source of water. Undines are closely linked to our emotions and support us in staying connected to our feelings.

Sylphs – air elemental – domain is the sky, wind, clouds

The element air is the source of all energy. In different traditions this life force is called chi, ki, prana.  The Sylphs of the element air are found in tornadoes, northeasters, balmy breezes as well as stillness.

Salamanders – fire elemental – fire of creation to absorb and transmute

Salamanders are found everywhere but they’re most active underground. They are responsible for volcanoes, lightning, heat, flames, explosions, anger, jealousy, heartburn, even hot flashes.  Salamanders are always present in healing because of their transformative qualities.

nature spiritThere remains a large selection of Nature Spirits you may meet and each of these belongs to and works through one of the elemental groups.  The myriad of names includes:

Dwarfs, Pixies, Sprites, Griffins, Phoenix, Tree Spirits, Water Spirits, Flower Faeries, Elves, Leprechauns, Lady of the Wood, Lady of the Lake, Brownies, Giants, Dragons, Mermaids, Mermen, Centaurs, Fauns, Unicorns, Sirens, Dryads, Pygmies,  and more…



My work and conversations with Janet Moller provided much of the information and descriptions for Angels, Devas and Guides! You will find Janet’s bio and her contact information on our favorite resources page.

Ted Andrews offers an enormous amount of information in his book, Enchantment of the Faeries Realms, Communicating with Nature Spirits & Elementals. This book will help you rediscover your own doorways to the realm of faeries and nature spirits.  Other books by Ted Andrews which will aid your exploration into the world of nature spirits are Nature-Speak and Animal-Speak.  

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