It’s spring in Maine and signs of new growth are all around. I love the seasons and each year the rebirth of my gardens brings joy, hope, creativity and a few sore muscles. As I view the changing landscape I get to take stock of the choices made for planting and pruning in prior years and dream expectantly of the new growth that is sure to come. Nature and I are joining forces and awakening slowly.

Nature’s new growth is inevitable. Our personal growth may seem to be less dramatic however the choices you make and the techniques you employ can surely facilitate new growth. I’ve been exploring and presenting a variety of ideas to cultivate your intuition. Living in the moment, self love, clarity of your beliefs, tuning into gut instincts are all helpful steps along the way where you can anticipate new growth in the beautiful garden of life. We are all awakening slowly.

 I am positive I have had new growth through my research and blog writing. Awareness throughout my daily routines has definitely increased and my belief system has been refortified. However, progress remains slow. There is not a quick fix for awakening slowly. Trauma and turmoil are well known for creating shifts and spawning immediate new growth. Meditation, mindfulness and most spiritual practices require patience for awakening slowly.


Two States of Awareness – Satori and Kensho

 Michael Beckwith, a spiritual teacher, leader and visionary, talks about two states of awakening: Satori and Kensho.

 Satori is described as a sudden awakening through a profound experience that immediately shifts perception.

 Kensho is referred to a gradual process or a glimpse of our true nature. This is where you continue to learn from experiences and gain insights. Awakening through Kensho is often accompanied by some pain and suffering which ultimately leads you to a better place.


I don’t yearn for a big hairy major event. However, I would appreciate a faster trajectory from where I am now to a greater awareness and a more solid connection to my inner guide.  Be present, live in the moment, meditate, listen to your gut, get your inner guide in shape are all keys to awakening slowly and engaging an enlightened life.


You learn a little – you expand. You learn a little more – you expand a little more. You get off track. You get back into it, reawaken and bit by bit expand and evolve within a slower time line. I’m awakening slowly without too much trauma and turmoil. The journey is what you make it and using the tools for awakening slowly will provide the new growth you desire.

Frog in the weeds ready to take a leap

Ready to take a leap?

 “Do you live in a mine field or a garden?

When we live in a minefield mentality, we explode with the weeds of worry,
doubt, fear, lack and limitation.
Choose to cultivate your inner garden!” – Michael Bernard Beckwith


How do you cultivate your inner garden?


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