Are you looking for another piece to the puzzle for living your best possible life? Be Present. It sounds simple. It is simple. Being present is a practice you can do anywhere at any time and it’s key to your health and happiness. There is one catch to this simplicity and that is practice.

Although it has become a popular topic in recent years, living in the present is not just a fad or trendy lifestyle tip. It’s an approach to life that is backed up by both good science and timeless spiritual teachings.

Now is the time to engage in a practice to be present so you can enjoy freedom from negative thought patterns. Let go of ego and fear as you eliminate the negative script.


“The heart surrenders everything to the moment. The mind judges and holds back.”
Be Here Now Ram Dass

Now is the time and here’s why


We all need to breathe fresh air, move our body and connect intimately with other humans. Being present means creating awareness as you breathe, move and connect with others.

We all have a temptation to leave our body and our senses and live in our heads. We mourn the past and relive old problems. We worry about the future and anticipate troubles. Spacing out becomes a common defense mechanism to escape from feeling feelings and it takes you out of being present.

A practice to be present will help you reduce anxiety, cut down on worrying and it allows you to be grounded. Being present and utilizing your ability to be mindful not only makes you happier it can help you deal with pain more effectively and improve your ability to cope with pesky negative emotions.

When you are anchored in a present mindset you can quickly become aware of your thoughts. It’s a perfect opportunity to evaluate your self-talk. Are you speaking to self (or others) in a positive way?

We may not be able to change or alter worldly circumstances but with a positive presence we can create a better response to whatever comes our way and ultimately a better outcome.

“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment.
You create a good future by creating a good present.” – Eckhart Tolle

When you are present you are able to let go of resistance and drop more easily into the natural flow. Next up is the How to and I’ve got lots of suggestions to get you started.


How to be present ~ 12 ways you can practice

Be Here Now Yoga


Now is the time to engage in a practice in your daily life that helps you learn new ways to pay attention and connect to experiences in the moment. Here are solid ideas you can use to develop a practice to strengthen your connection to the present moment.

I got carried away researching the possibilities and this list will give you ideas you can start today. Pick more than one and enjoy the present moment. Pick two and build momentum.


 Time spent in nature provides many opportunities to enjoy silence, stillness as well as observe changes in the natural world. Nature encourages you to  enjoy the present.

  • Meditation helps you get familiar with silence and stillness and clears the path to being present.
  • Reconnect with your body by doing a Body Scan.
  • Mindfulness Bells – inspired by the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh. Mindfulness bells gently call us back to awareness of the present moment. There are many apps and options available.
  • Minimalism forces us to be present without all the distractions. By embracing minimalism, owning less and simplifying, we create time and space to become more mindful. Allowing us to be present in the moment.
  • Yoga – helps you to breathe …. move …. focus …. get still.
  • Intention – Set an intention to be aware of your thoughts and return to present or simply set an intention to be joyful and grateful.
  • Feel feelings and increase your capacity to feel emotions.
  • Pay attention to your 5 senses: Ask what do I hear, see, taste, feel or smell?  When you pay attention to being present you can’t listen to your internal mental rambling.
  • Slow down, be deliberate and stop multi-tasking. Too much planning takes you out of the flow of being present. Too much multi-tasking scatters your attention.
  • Breathe – You can start by simply reminding yourself to stop and consciously be aware of the sensation of your breath going in/out of your nostrils or mouth. You can find numerous exercises for mindfulness breathing online.
  • Active Listening is a valuable listening skill that keeps you engaged to make a conscious effort to understand what people are really saying and requires presence.
  • Take time away from your electronic devices and get grounded.

Now is the time to begin or renew your practice to be present. Through practice your mind becomes a useful servant and practice requires repetition. So repeat the process again and again until it is natural and you enjoy the power of being present.

What is your favorite practice to be present?

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