Things can happen in clusters. The common cluster F_ _ _  comes to mind real quick due to its repeated visits. It’s refreshing to have a new cluster to experience. A synchronicity cluster where a divine message comes and another one happens and then another. . .

Yes, you can have a synchronicity cluster, a series of magical coincidences!

The idea of a synchronicity cluster was new. I’d never heard of it however that’s exactly what happened and it got my attention enough to research synchronicity. Repeating numbers are relatively common and they played a harmonious cluster of synchronicity for several days. Each one became a personal reminder that my angels and guides are always present.

I delighted in the appearance of the repeating numbers, acknowledged them and remained thankful. I kind of miss them now but I did have another sweet message the other day just when I really needed a reminder my angels and guides are always present. I believe I got the message, took action and now expect more magical coincidences to appear in other ways. I have to wonder what is coming next!

You don’t need to understand aerodynamics to ride in an airplane. It’s the same thing with synchronicity. But for anyone with a fear of flying or a fear of their own superpowers, a little knowledge can make for an easier ride.

What we’ve learned about synchronicity basics in Part 1 is that it goes by many different names, it’s an out of the ordinary experience, has meaningful messages from angelic beings and spirit guides, brings a feeling of awe and lends its self to divination practices. And, yes, it’s numinous or divinely inspired!

synchronicity cluster as vibrational mandalaSynchronicity has an amazing life of its own. It’s part of us and part of the universe. I imagine it all begins somewhere in quark, in the subatomic particles of vibrating energy that is all around us. Synchronicity, the magic of coincidence, demonstrates our connection to all that is and to infinite possibilities.

Now is the time to be aware of your feelings. Feelings lay the groundwork for synchronicity. When you know what you are feeling, you know what you are vibrating.

Let your feelings be your guide to receive more synchronicity and to decipher each wonderful message. Knowing your feelings can lead to your own synchronicity cluster.


4 Steps to Navigate Synchronicity by Robert Moss

Our western culture has not taught us the value of synchronicity and definitely has not prepared us for tuning into our inner wisdom. We have been left to our own resources to learn and cultivate our own synchronicity cluster.That’s one of the reasons the website exists and why you are drawn here.

My research found 16 ways to move into the mode of receiving synchronicity and I’ll get to those soon. First, I want to share a short, four-step process I found in an interesting article written about the work of Robert Moss.

“To navigate synchronicity we need to be:
1.  Open to new experience
2.  Available, willing to set aside plans and step out of the boxes
3.  Thankful, grateful for secret handshakes and surprises; and ready to
4.  Honor our special moments by taking appropriate action.”
~ Robert Moss,

Sidewalk Oracles: Playing with Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity in Everyday Life by Robert Moss.

You can read the full article here, “The Art of Creating Synchronicities: The 12 Keys to Experiencing Mystical Reality.”  Moss’s list is short, simple and doable.


16 Ways to Navigate Synchronicity, Magical Coincidence

Following are 16 more detailed guidelines gleaned from my research that will help put you on track. Find a couple that resonates with you, work them into your daily routine and have your own synchronicity cluster. I saved the best one for last.

Old maps and compass to navigate synchronicity

  • Be more present and in the now because you really can’t will synchronicity or force it. It is a gift that arrives easily when you feel your feelings.  Relax, remain open and remember there are infinite possibilities.
  • Have an attitude that welcomes surprises and anything out of the ordinary.
  • Give up any expectation and let go of desire. Leave plenty of room for synchronicity to form.
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Pay attention and be aware. The more you do the more synchronicity and guidance you receive.
  • Be childlike. Have an attitude that welcomes surprises and anything out of the ordinary.
  • Tune into synchronistic time. Synchronistic time is not linear. Get in touch with the bigger picture and those infinite possibilities.
  • Feel your feelings and keep your awareness plugged in and turned on and you will be in a better place to receive. The secret to reading signs is to know what you feel. Remember, everything outside is a mirror of what is inside.
  • Set an intention to notice synchronicity and to clarify what you want.
  • Converse with your inner collaborators, your inner guides. Have sweet dialogue letting them know what you want and you wish to hear from them.
  • Be willing to be open to connect with something greater.
  • Have fun and keep your sense of humor.
  • When synchronicity happens, pause, pay attention and acknowledge source is sending a message.
  • Gratitude! Always acknowledge and appreciate any information you receive.
  • Take action on the information you receive.

Saving the best for last….

  • Write down your experience…. Journal Journal Journal!  Writing down your experience is powerful. Just like recording your dreams, writing about your synchronistic experiences can help increase their frequency and intensity. Writing is a powerful tool that allows you to revisit the experience and see patterns and recall details you might otherwise miss. AND writing is a great way (as well as a gate way) to communicate with your higher consciousness.

Tell us how synchronicity has shown up for you or maybe you’ve even experienced a synchronicity cluster. Please tell us about it!

Did you find helpful suggestions in the guidelines? Which one felt best for you?

Please share your experience or let us know what was helpful.

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