What is the bug of synchronicity? It’s the bug you want to catch. Are you wondering where to go next? Are you overwhelmed and seeking clues to your best move forward? Or maybe just confirmation you are in the right place. The answers may lie in messages that are appearing just under your radar.

The bug of synchronicity is not a bad bug that needs treatment, aniliation or eradication. It carries persistence and the magic of coincidence. This bug brings divine circumstances orchestrated especially for you.

Synchronicity beckons for our attention and is able to bring messages from your soul to your awareness. Are you listening, watching and allowing these messages to register in you consciously? There’s really no stopping it but surely acknowledging and catching this bug will strengthen your experience. That’s exactly what I have found.

Part II provided 16 ways to navigate synchronicity or 16 ways to bring that bug of synchronicity into your life. There’s really no big thing you need to do to catch the bug of synchronicity. Simply be aware, maintain an open attitude, acknowledge or be grateful for the synchronicity and ask for more.

So why am I still talking about synchronicity? Because there is so much more to this story.

“Synchronicty is an ever present reality
for those who have eyes to see.”
~ Carl Jung

Catching the bug of synchronicity will open your eyes to the magic that is all around us all the time. Your guides and angels converse with you in various ways and from my experience synchronicity is one way to slip in a message to get your attention. Sometimes it might be a big ta-da and other times it’s just bubbling up on the surface and reminding you of something greater.

I’ve definitely caught the bug of synchronicity as I’ve witnessed, researched and written about it. I’ve had my own synchronicities. I’ve had people tell me about their own synchronicities and I’ve been a participant in synchronicities, those magical coincidences that are other people’s experience. I’m loving it!

geese arrive synchronisticallySynchronicity was in the arrival of a pair of geese at the moment I began a walk in the field to connect with nature. The pair return each year and their honking visits herald a magical welcome. This time it was my confirmation of being in the right place at the right time.

Synchronicity also came with an associate at my more traditional work who declared “I was just meant to be here this morning to hear this”. Synchronicity happens all the time to everyone. Are you aware of the messages coming to you?

Yes, synchronicity continues in the numbers although the clusters experienced earlier are currently absent. They remind me my guides are always present.

And synchronicity was alive and well when my phone call was answered with the familiar “I was just thinking of you”.

Synchronicity becomes so prevalent when you bring it into your awareness and accept the magical moment or message it delivers. Nothing mind bending at the moment however the more I look the more I open to the magic and the more room it has to dance and delight. Be present and be willing to receive.

Read on and you will learn about the unusual scarab that brought dramatic coincidence to light for Carl Jung, the father of synchronicity.

A Powerful Story About Carl Jung and the Bug of Synchronicity

So where did this bug of synchronicity really get started? I caught this bug in my research but wait until you hear what happened to Carl Jung. He literally caught the bug of synchronicity. This is a story about an incredible coincidence in his practice that displays the rich, vibrantly personal meaning of synchronicity. It’s an interesting story that is best told in this article.

Here’s a shorter version of Jung’s story and the bug of synchronicity:

Scarab beetle the bug of synchronicityJung had a patient that was telling about a dream where she was given a golden scarab.  As she was telling Jung her dream there was a tapping at the window. He turned to the window, opened it and caught the bug in the air as it flew in. This was not just any bug but a scarabaeid beetle, a gold-green beetle, the closest thing to a golden scarab that lived in the region. It was a bit of a shock as the patient realized her dream was being both literally and symbolically enacted in her life.

There was no conventional explanation for such an experience but there was clearly a magical coincidence or as Jung preferred to call it “meaningful coincidence”.

If you are looking for more nuggets of information on synchronicity take a look into the work of Carl Jung who first coined the term synchronicity in the 1950’s.

It is important to note that Jung’s interest in synchronicity led him to study the subtle world of divination especially through I Ching and the Tarot. He made an enormous contribution to our understanding of how Tarot works. If you wish to understand Tarot you need to understand or at least accept the power of synchronicity. The connection between synchronicity and divination was new to me but after exploration and research makes total sense.

Today, start to view the world as a bit more magical. Expect miracles and witness the magic of coincidence. Divine experiences are awaiting you as you receive messages to help you travel the road of life.

Are you still wondering where to go next, overwhelmed or seeking clues to your best move forward? The answer may lie in messages that are appearing just under your radar. Go back and read the 16 ways to navigate synchronicity in Part II and find something that resonates for you. It’s easy magic. You’ll also find more clarity to get you started in Part I. Go ahead catch the bug of synchronicity. You’ll be glad you did.

Go ahead and tell us your tale. We’d love to hear how synchronicity has shown up for you….

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