Life is busy. It keeps coming at you at full speed. We struggle to keep what’s important, our highest priorities, at the top of our to do list. Progress is slow . . . or at least it seems that way.

Do you get an idea or inspiration, things seem to line up and you feel you’re going in the right direction? Guidance is present and you feel the magic.

Then the cycle shifts. Things appear to slow down and you begin to wonder and doubt your decisions and choices. Did I misinterpret something? Was it only wishful thinking that brought me here?

I don’t dwell on it but in everyday life progress seems slow. I’m not discouraged however I am aware of the constant diversions with a project that appears to be at a standstill.

To add to my frustration something seems to get in the way of connecting with spirit and being in the flow. When things are shifting and forward momentum seems stalled, it’s easy to get lost in doubt.

Let’s look at what’s happening and learn how to stay on course even when progress is slow.


Fear Not The Dreaded Time Buffer!

woman with time buffer when progress is slow
A time buffer is the period of time between launching your desire and it’s manifestation. Law of attraction has that figured out. Without a buffer of time you would manifest your unwanted thoughts. It’s true, instant manifestation of our thoughts could put us in a scary place.

A time buffer gives you time to refine, clarify, and evaluate. When you feel like your progress is slow, remember your dream or inspiration is still active and work is happening on other levels behind the scenes.

The slow days are an opportunity to fine tune your dream, your vision. Initially, you received a clear sign, message, oracle that you are on the right path or a direction to take so enjoy the time buffer when progress feels a little slow. Fine tune and clarify what it is you really want. Stay the course and be at peace.

Not everything happens fast and you can use the time to build a strong foundation. Repetitive focus, thoughts and desires are helpful. Keep it positive! Accept the small wins along the way and know the big win is coming.


Here’s What You Can Do When Progress Is Slow…

Is the delay making you uncomfortable? There are lots of ways to work through the doubt and discomfort and find your way to peace and freedom. Try one or two of these:

  • Breathe – Yes, keep breathing! Bring awareness to your breath to center, connect and calm yourself.
  • Feel the feelings. No need to judge just let the feelings pass. Get out of the drama. Get over suffering, losses, setbacks.
  • Look for the synchronicities that show up for you. Everything is speaking to you. Check out the book by Robert Moss, Sidewalk Oracles.
  • Laugh! Set an intention to have more fun.
  • Read something inspirational.
  • Write … write … write in your journal, write on the wall, write your thoughts, ideas, feelings.
  • Exercise or simply take a walk.
  • Ahhh . . . spend time in nature.
  • Take time to do what pleases you!

Here’s another good read on how to navigate through those slow times. Lynn Robinson is an expert on intuition, an author, speaker and intuitive advisor.

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