The old saying, reality sucks, still rings true. Progress is slow! A reality check of my intuitive progress exposes an enormous divide between where I am and where I want to be. We’ve all been wandering this path for a long, long time and the struggle is optional.

I’ve refocused and been inspired the past couple of years since beating colon cancer. Those reality checks with life and death have a way of awakening and highlighting our real purpose.

Actually, the inspiration that arrived after cancer was an incredible experience and not something I took lightly. Thank you universe! Through this blog and website, I’ve been exploring the many facets of our connection to and development of our natural intuitive ability.

Inspiration brought such a flurry of activity to dive in – to get moving and in touch with my inner guides, my purpose and to find meaning and connection. However, today’s intuitive reality check tells me it’s a struggle.

My inner critic is making lots of noise. Am I really so lazy and undisciplined that I can’t break through? Dear inner critic, please take a rest.

I’ve mediated for years and a recent miscommunication with an estranged relative totally threw meditation out the window for a few days. There was so much mental chatter that I found myself giving up my meditation practice and not because I needed a break from stillness and peace and light. Quite the opposite.

The reality check that ensued shined a spotlight on all of my failed attempts to tune in, ask for help, stay consistent and shine my light. More noise from the inner critic.

Today I tried to download a chakra tuning tool and it wasn’t going as planned. Frustration took over but there’s more to this simple struggle. I realize I’m out of harmony. That’s an intuitive reality check that really sucks.

You feel some struggle here, a little there but you’re coping. You look for a missing piece to fill some void and even that seems to come with more crap.

It can be a struggle to keep these human issues from overriding our spiritual GPS. Struggle is optional because you are always on your path.

Abraham Hicks – You’re On Your Path and You Can’t Get Off

The following message from Abraham Hicks has helped me to find a better feeling thought and I hope it will bring some peace to you as well. “You’re on your path and you always have been. You cannot get off your path.”


No matter what happens. No matter what we choose to do. It’s ok. There’s no wrong turn; struggle is optional. As Abraham says you can enjoy it now or you can enjoy it later. Either way you’re on the path!

Abraham’s solution: “You can’t get off the path but you can make better feeling choices.”

Reality check: More amazing experiences are lined up and waiting for all of us. Get up – get  out – make better feeling choices and allow yourself to feel good. You’re on the path.

What better feeling choices can you make right now?

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