There’s an enormous assortment of tactics, rituals, goal defining, list making processes for you want to move forward. So many hopes, dreams and things you’ve gotta do are vying for your attention. We all desire a fresh start that will carry us safely and successfully through a new adventure.

I’m keeping it simple and I choose to Shine my light … let it be bright!

There are many excellent coaches and pundits giving us suggestions for how to change and realize our dreams. Yes, I’m reviewing some of these reflective goal achieving systems even though I’ve still got incomplete handouts and templates from years past. Goal seeking good intentions gone awry.

Do you have trouble keeping up with all the new twists and turns the universe is tossing your way? Are you looking for steps you can take to make sense of it all?

Step one:  Shine your light       Step two:  Let it be bright

The pile of self help tactics continues to grow while my mantra appeals to my preference for simplicity. A simple intention to acknowledge and amplify my connection to source, higher consciousness, my inner guide. This simple process is always available and it’s easy to remember the steps. Simple and easy works for me and it can work for you too.

Don’t know what to do? Feeling stress and overwhelm? Not sure of your next move? When you look for answers, acknowledge your light and allow its expansion as your inner guide leads you forward.

     You’re a shining star, no matter who you are
Shining bright to see what you can truly be
~ Earth Wind & Fire, Shining Star

Accept and Allow Your Light to Shine

Angel looking towards the sky with her fingers making a heart shape. Bright light shines.Accept and allow your own divineness. You possess your own unique light in this world… and whatever lies beyond.

There’s no mistake; you have everything you need.  Accept your own light, find love for yourself and allow your light to grow and shine brighter.

Accept your light as the most precious gift you have because there is no other compilation of energy or light body exactly like you. Allow your inner light to shine. Let your light be unmistakable.

Follow your own bright light and it will guide you forward and attract other bright lights as you create your own collective group of bright lights.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. – Lao Tzu

Yes you have things to do, steps to take, goals to reach, people to love, and lessons to learn. Life is busy! You can find joy more easily with your light shining bright and things will fall into place. Maybe not the way you expected but the way they are meant to; whatever way will benefit you most.

Do you hope your break through to the next level in abundance, love or spirituality is ready for you? Maybe you’re excited about the many new and wonderful things you want to experience and enjoy in your life.

The simplest things can make a difference. So, my intention remains:  Shine my light … let it be bright!

I’ve got projects and ideas and I’m remembering to shine my light. I hope you return often to hear how things are going. I’m optimistic about whatever is unfolding.

How about you? Are you ready to shine your light this?

Simply remember: Shine your light … let it be bright!

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