Do you ever read something and it’s like holy crap… that’s just what I needed. Then that same message starts coming through in other places and other forms. Communication with spirit can be like that. Spirit is calling and it’s time to listen.

I recently shared my daily practices. Who I’m listening to and what I’m reading. My resources are converging and conversing about the same thing.  It’s all about communication and talking to spirit, your inner guides, your inner wisdom, the indweller.

Some favorite resources:

  • Robert Moss – Sidewalk Oracles – Playing with Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicity in Everyday Life
  • Sonia Choquette – Ask Your Guides
  • Lola Jones – Things Are Going Great In My Absence – How to Let Go & Let The Divine Do the Heavy Lifting


The latest addition to my favorites is Robert Moss, author, dream teacher and powerful storyteller. His approach to guidance if straight forward and suggests you set an intention and put your question to the world by saying “I would like guidance on _____________” and fill in the blank.

The answers come from what you see in the world. The answer may pop into your field of perception – often something unusual or significant. Everything is alive and responding so take time to listen. Take what you see in the world to determine the answer to your question.

Sonia Choquette’s Ask Your Guides training stresses the importance of first setting your intention to have direct communication with your spirit guides. Intention brings clarity and commitment to what you are seeking. Communication with spirit can start with a single phrase.  Sonia encourages you to simply ask in any situation, “What does my guidance say?”  You can also start by stating “My guide says _________” and fill in the blank with whatever comes up and feels right.

Sonia wants you to give it voice and encourages you to speak out loud.  I see this, I hear this, I sense that, I know.  She advocates you need to “name it to claim it”. Sonia is one of my familiar and long standing resources for learning to listen when spirit is calling.

A newcomer for my training  is Lola Jones and her book Things Are Going Great In My Absence. Lola’s focus is definitely on spirituality and connecting with our own divinity.  Her initiation into Divine Openings was the result of her 21 day silent retreat in India. This paragraph from Lola’s book totally grabbed by attention:

“Talk to the Indweller within you constantly.  Any kind of communication will work.  It’s happy to hear from you.  It doesn’t quibble about how you address it, or whether you call it prayer or meditation or conversation, whether you word it properly, or write it down or not.  Don’t get hung up on words, processes, or rituals. Talk to God like a friend.  Be yourself.”

Slightly different views on using your voice and communication but the message is the same . . . spirit is calling and it’s time to listen.

Your voice and your intention to communicate with spirit are vitally important. Spirit wants and welcomes communication and it’s all about your asking and inviting communication to take place. Your inner guide responds to your requests, your invitation to come and play or to co-create.

Spirit Is Calling – Be Receptive and Ask Questions

So much guidance is ignored but being receptive is a positive game changer.

Sonia puts importance on using your voice and communicating out loud.  Speaking out loud helps you to tell if it’s guidance or your own ego or intellect.  Guidance does not answer the same way as intellect.

Guidance is subtle so don’t be looking for an over the top super experience. Communication with spirit will tend to be more sophisticated and bring feelings of expansiveness and connection.  It can ride on a gentle breeze and come up so fast you think you made it up.

In contrast, ego and intellect will be tense, judgmental, or will feel more limited. Ego is good at blaming, criticizing and a good dose of should.

A lit up sign post saying "ASK" reminding people to ask questionsKeep asking questions, listen to the answers and you’ll begin to hear, feel and know the difference when spirit is calling.

While you’re practicing your voice and learning to listen be sure to show appreciation for whatever you receive.  Saying thank you out loud is a solid compliment to your asking.  Get in the thank you frame of mind.  During these early conversations with spirit, everything counts to get you into the right alignment, the right vibe.

The response you are seeking is not always words.  It can be a subtle energy shift, a fluctuation in vibration, feel the energy and look for:

  • tone
  • nuance
  • color
  • sound
  • mood
  • body signal
  • synchronicity

Lola says ritual is not important and it’s not so much about ritual for the guides and angels that you are requesting and what they need.  Ritual is most beneficial to put you into a receptive mode. Any ritual that elevates your vibration would be of assistance and opens the door for you when spirit is calling.

One last take away… Sonia brings this up more than once so I feel compelled to share. She explains your throat is connected to your heart and voice is the expression of your heart. When you let your heart sing, you give expression to your heart’s desire.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched  – they must be felt with the heart.”  
~ Helen Keller

It’s all about communication with spirit that is genuine and heartfelt.  And don’t forget to provide positive feedback for any messages you receive. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

A quick review:

  • Set your intention for communication with spirit.
  • Say yes to guidance out loud.
  • Voice what you feel.
  • Name it to claim it!
  • Respond with a big THANK YOU.

How is spirit calling for your attention?

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