I’m trying to tune into my gut instinct but I seem to really suck at getting the messages. I’m left wondering and lost in translation.  Is it gut instinct or is it just my gut? You know the whole digestive system is right there and a lot is happening in a small space. Gut instinct can really be any signal your body responds with but tuning into the gut is a good starting place.

So here I am after colon cancer trying to connect with gut instinct.  Maybe that’s the disconnect right there staring back at me.  If you know anyone who has had a colostomy, you know about disconnection and the desire for reconnection at the physical level. Things can surely go wrong and I have been very fortunate throughout the recent cancer diagnosis and treatment. I’m pretty sure I am intrigued by and examining gut instinct because of my colon cancer but, you know, we all have to start somewhere.

I’ve been trying things or at least paying more attention to my gut instinct. I’m listening to my body and checking on my emotions and how I feel. I’ve been doing lots of reading and even writing about gut instinct and I’m still feeling rather lost.  Why do I suck at tuning into my gut instinct? Am I simply over reacting because Mars is in Aries and squared to the Moon and beyond?


Clarity needs to replace the wondering and trying


There is too much time lost wondering and trying to tune into my gut without enough clear answers. I want results now! 

Can’t I qualify for some divine intervention to tell me the code?

Why do emotions and gut instinct have to talk in a secret language anyway? 

Well, let’s dive a little deeper.  And, no, I do not have the answers to my questions but feel free to leave a comment.

Body Signals are most often referred to as “gut instincts”. You need to notice how you physically react to people and events and learn to read your body signals.


Notice your reaction and recognize the signals your body is giving you. Sounds pretty easy. What’s the big deal?  Which feeling is good and which feeling is bad? Which feeling is really a mental response? Is this the same physical feeling I had last time hubby came home cranky?  Maybe it’s just something I ate.

Listen to the physical sensations that you do not normally notice or simply take for granted. It is not too difficult to figure out what feels good and what feels bad. However it takes practice to discern the difference between wishful thinking, fear, anger, and the real deep knowing of your gut instinct. I’ll continue to practice. I will start keeping a journal to collect hard evidence about body signals that come from various experiences. 

Intuition is a skill all of us can learn and like any skill it requires practice.  All of us have this inner guidance system.  Each one of us needs to tune in and learn what our unique physical experience is telling us. I’m off to practice gut instinct.

What is holding you back from practicing and learning a new skill?

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