What an incredible time to start something new!  It’s as if the sky has opened and a New Year, a New Moon and a New Era are all conspiring to help us bring about changes and new beginnings. Add your intuition for a winning combination!

Are you starting a new career, a new business, maybe starting a family or a long awaited project?

Change can be dicey and threaten the status quo.  It can feel awkward and unsettling even when it’s our heart’s desire, but we all have to start somewhere.  I’m starting a new blog after months of preparation and recovery from colon cancer. I am pleased the timing is auspicious under the influence of the New Year, New Moon and what I see as a  New Era to bring this forward.

If you are seeking big changes or would like to simply change things up a bit, you are fortunate to have this time for your new beginnings and to allow new chapters to unfold. Enlist your intuition in business or your intuition around your project, engage your heart and start somewhere.


A new business or project requires heart, soul and intuition

Starting a new business or project of any kind requires investment of your time, heart, soul and intuition.  You give it whatever you have to give. Whenever you choose to make a bold move you know you are in store for some surprises. Sometimes you can’t see the calamity coming; it’s the train in the tunnel!! You may be exposed to any number of disappointments because something is not quite ready to come to fruition. Or maybe the universe has some other plan you’ve not yet realized.

“Life is not about  how many times you fall down, it’s about how many times you get back up.” –Jaime Escalante

Personally, beginning a new venture after failing to listen to or understanding my inner guidance has required more than tenacity. This time I know my renewed efforts are better served by a willingness to develop my intuition in business.  When it feels right we keep going and if we are truly inspired we cannot stop.

Connections to intuition in businessIt’s almost funny now to think I’ve sat in my banker’s office on more than one occasion transferring money to purchase a misguided business opportunity and all the while my gut instinct was trying to speak to me but in an unfamiliar language.  


I had received no real instruction on how to listen and comprehend the feelings in those moments.  I have practiced meditation for years and delved into a variety of spiritual practices, but apparently I had not learned to effectively separate the mental chatter from my inner wisdom, and this had a dire effect on my entire decision making process.  

The tools were simply not well honed and were not effectively in place. We all have the tendency to over-ride our inner guidance system with what we think we want.


A little failure has lessons to teach

The ensuing troubles had their own lessons to teach. Ultimately, it has led me to learn resilience and to engage in this heart-driven enterprise, Cultivate Your Intuition.

A leap of faith to start a business or project does not come easily. When you miss your mark and you know there were signs, signals, feelings along the way that you did not know how to interpret at the time, it is frustrating, to say the least.  Eventually you do get the message.

It has taken eight years and several mistakes with misread signs along the way to launch this website. I expect a few more challenges are already lining up but I am building my confidence in my intuitive ability along with a better understanding about gut instinct and how it feels.  Sometimes you have to fail in order to succeed.


Wake up and Rock your world

The wake-up call will rock your world and that’s when it’s time to step out of your shadow.

this business is a launchAs I am learning to cultivate my own natural intuitive ability, I will present information and relevant topics that will also aid you as you learn the language of your sixth sense, your intuition.

The intention of this website is to encourage you to bravely develop and enlist your inner wisdom. Intuition is always speaking to us and it is a skill we can learn to employ. I know that for me, intuition in business is best utilized as standard operating procedure. And I know that for all of us, listening to our intuition and learning to separate the nuances of real wisdom from the everyday work of our minds will benefit any project we pursue.

Business and marketing always seem to emerge as passions I cannot shake.  Combining those passions here in the development of this website for cultivating intuition feels like a natural trajectory and therefore: This website is a launch!

 What new things are you starting? Tell us about your project or the challenges you face.

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