You’ve got it! You’ve known for a long time that you have super powers. You’re well equipped however Operating Instructions are not included.

You’re well equipped and you’ve got everything you need.  You know you have the ability to expand your awareness and tap into universal knowledge, however the operating instructions remain elusive.

Maybe you’ve done a lot of reading, taken a course, bought some books and spent time awakening your natural skills. A little success manifesting or happily observing synchronicities will wake you up.

You know it feels good when you get in the flow. You remember who you really are and progress seems to be your friend.  Then life happens.  Your good intention to tune in and awaken slips from your awareness because other responsibilities of life seem to be more important and more pressing.

All your training has taught you to pay attention to the outer world that you see and feel to make decisions and be successful.

You’ve got the ability to do much more and your interest here shows you have a desire for more. You know you’re well equipped but what’s missing is the training and support system.

Most of society and the civilized world does not promote development of your sixth sense.  Your loved ones, parents, spouses, teachers, co-conspirators may not understand your interest in your natural ability to tap into your intuition.
Remember you are not alone on this journey and your tribe is looking for you.



Support System May Be Rocky – Find What Resonates


climber on a rock face. Well equipped but progress is rockySo the support system to really make progress is a bit rocky or worse, totally missing. Since developing your intuition has not been talked about at the dinner table, part of your curriculum or highly sought after by employers, where do you find support and drive for developing your innate ability?

You have to strike out on your own and find the training that resonates with you, that pulls you forward. There are many avenues you can explore to develop your inner guide. Set your priorities and find a support system like Cultivate Your Intuition that feeds your soul the information you crave.

This message from Dr. Joe Dispenza keeps coming back to remind me,

“This is a time in history where it’s not enough to know.

This is a time in history to know how.”

That’s what Cultivate Your Intuition is all about — to learn how and to share the knowing. You are well equipped and you have been waiting long enough. The time is now.

What’s in my daily practice?  What’s top of my list for training and expansion?

  • I rarely miss a morning meditation. Good or bad I’m there but who’s judging?
  • I savor Abraham-Hicks Daily Quotes delivered to my inbox. They will never run out of great material.
  • I live in Maine and I’m immersed in nature and grounded with daily walks, gardening and connecting with Mother Earth.
  • I am slowly working my way through Sonia Choquette’s Ask Your Guides.  The new revised edition is full of details and information. She also has an online training.
  • I often enjoy playful insight from Mike Dooley’s A Note From the Universe
  • What’s your daily practice?  What have you found most helpful?


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