Are you paying attention and trying to be present more often? Do you live in the moment? How about this moment? Are you still present?

It’s easy to mentally wander into the past or to suddenly realize you are delving into some possible future scene. To be present and living in the moment sounds uncomplicated. Simple words carry big impact and cuts to the core of what we need to do to gain some clarity in a maddening world. First, we’ll explore the why’s of being present and then tap into a variety of how’s that make living in the moment more easily accessible.


The Biggest Why for Living In The Moment

At first, I did not really understand why I was drawn to write about living in the moment.  There’s so much talk about needing to be present and the importance of mindfulness.

As the research and writing unfolds I start to get it! I discover the biggest why and greatest benefit to be present and living in the moment is because of its ability to drop you into the zone where your inner wisdom flourishes. The zone where you are uncluttered from past and future mental rambling and you are able to experience the here and now, the shift to where all things are possible. Your inner wisdom loves this zone.

There are more mundane why’s that carry ample weight. Are you struggling with stress? Feeling overwhelmed? Are you worrying about an afternoon meeting with your boss, your childcare choices, how to make your car payment or maybe you or a loved one are facing health challenges? Your worries and your why’s all respond positively to living in the moment.

Learning to be present will allow you to be your best. When you are able to be present, you improve your connection to the flow of creativity. Your creativity is happily aligned with your inner guide.

Anxiety and impatience are high on my list of distractions. Living in the moment will reduce anxiety and improve your patience. Our modern world is stressful and the list of potential distractions to living in the moment seems endless. Whatever may be at the top of your ‘why list’, learning to live in the moment, even for just a moment here and there, will bring rewards, relief and drop you into the zone.

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”
― Maya Angelou

How To Be Present – 6 Ways and a Toe Bonus

How we get there has interesting options and you are sure to find one or two that fit you nicely.

  1. Breathe – yup – I told you this was easy. Attention to your breath, slowing down to notice your own breathing in and breathing out makes a difference and brings you to be present in the moment. You are always breathing so focusing on your breath can be done anywhere at any time.
  2. Gratitude – attention to what you have now allows you to feel happiness now. No need to wait for a future event or feel trapped in the past. Gratitude can help you short circuit stress and fear as it brings you to the present. List or name what you are grateful for and groove into the present moment.
  3. Use your senses and name five things you can see, feel and/or hear. This technique is frequently used in the current mindfulness craze and it will bring your focus to what is happening in the moment.
  4. Change up your routine by reversing the order for simple daily tasks. Take a different route to work. Reverse parts and pieces of your routine for exercise, housekeeping or personal hygiene.
  5. Stop whatever you are doing and ‘do it slowly’ in a relaxed and calm pace. When you have reverence for simple daily tasks and do them slowly, you can slip right into the now zone and leave the hurry behind.  Crank it up a notch and slowly name the five things you see, feel and hear.
  6. Writing is a great way to slow the brain down. We are unable to write as quickly as we can think. Writing requires time to process the information and focus on each letter we are forming and brings you to be present. This also applies to painting and other creative activities.  I’ve spent hours in a pottery studio and throwing a pot from a lump of clay into a useable vessel definitely requires a presence of mind.

Bonus – How to Use Your Toes To Be Present!


Toes are a bonus!

Here’s the funniest how to idea I found that actually works:

  • scrunch your toes up like you are making a toe fist
  • wiggle them
  • stretch them out
  • focus on moving your big toes without moving your other toes

This simple exercise makes it pretty impossible to think about anything else. Gratitude goes to Courtney Carver at for sharing this unique technique provided in an article found at

When you are present and living in the moment, you will find the resources and clarity to live life to the fullest.  When you are present you will feel optimism in any situation more easily and feel the power of the moment. That powerful moment is dropping you into the zone. The zone where connection with your inner guide is waiting to collaborate. More living in the moment leads to more opportunities for connection.

As you practice and become aware of living in the moment you will release worries and allow for a calmer more peaceful experience. Have fun with some of the how’s and tell us about your adventures. What is your favorite how to for living in the moment?

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