You’re willing to write and bear your soul. You’re unafraid of the words that form on the page. You feel them and the words are true when you write from your heart.

Nothing is more potent than the truth. The safety a journal provides allows you to openly express what might never be said. Spoken words are fleeting. Writing has staying power. You’re able to preserve events and feelings in a safe place you can return to again and again. Writing preserves those fleeting thoughts, feelings and memories and your inner wisdom encourages you to write from your heart.

Writing in any form is a great way to connect with your spirit guides.

How can you get into the heart vibe quickly and easily? Center yourself in your heart however feels right for you. There are many practices for connecting with your heart so feel free to use whatever feels right for you. As long as you feel protected and positive you are in the right place. Not sure where to start?

An approach I like is based on the work of HeartMath Institute as well as Gregg Gregg Braden, pioneers bridging science and spirituality.

  • Close your eyes and focus your breathing on the area around your heart.
  • Breathe naturally but slower than normal. Breathe in for 5 seconds; breathe out for 5 seconds.
  • Place your hand on or next to your heart.
  • Maintain your heart focus breathing as you activate a genuine sense of caring, compassion, appreciation, or gratitude for anyone or anything.
  • You’ll feel the pleasant shift as you connect with your heart center.

write from the heart templateIt was a surprise when research to write from the heart found simple, universal  templates and lesson plans for instructing young writers. If facing a blank page challenges your journal writing and you’re still searching for your keys to how and why a fun and simple heart map is a technique that can jump start your ideas.

There are variations but a simple heart shape filled with meaningful people, places, things in your life at the center will get you started. You create a visual of what is important to your heart and it’s used to support and activate your writing. Check out heart map writing for yourself or do it with your kids. Here’s a couple of links to explore  to get you going:

Georgia Heard provides complete instructions for awakening your heart writing at any age.  These ideas and resources are designed for teachers and we are all teachers and students. 


The Poetry of Writing From Your Heart


Some people just know how to tap in and express the depths of their feelings. Great poets know when the truth is ready for words.

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” William Wordsworth

We are all poets. Be willing to know yourself, to explore and write from the heart. Many begin to write but struggle with fear, insecurity or simply not knowing what they feel. We are all awakening now and feelings are shifting as we travel a new path in a more awakened global society. Your heart center will help guide you.

Writing from the heart welcomes divine inspiration. I felt inspiration today; that warm welcoming feeling that beckons you to follow. Allow new insights and new words to express your inner wisdom. There is alchemy in writing especially when your heart is engaged.

Let your heart be free. It’s your truth and you get to express it. No holding back and nothing is off limits in journal writing. I can’t imagine a better reason to write from the heart than to witness your own freedom. Allow words to flow as they wash and soothe the ragged parts of ourselves.

You’ve got what you need to do this. If you can scrawl a few characters together you can compose your own masterpiece. It’s your heart. It’s your journal and there is no judgment. Enjoy your positive findings and explore any fear or resistance. Be open to receive whatever comes forth from your heart in your own words.a door that can open by writing from your heart

You may be surprised at the alchemy that surfaces when you write with your heart. Be open and in the moment while you record your experience through your own perspective. I’m new at this myself however I am certain there are meaningful gems waiting to be discovered.

“There is a door
we all want to walk through
and writing can help you find it and open it.”
~ Anne Lamott


I wonder what doors are waiting for you to open….

What door has writing opened for you?


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