You’re asking for help and guidance but what if you don’t like the answer? We’re always asking for something – a parking space, a phone call from someone special or which path to take. Abraham Hicks jests “Where’s my stuff?” It’s way too easy to ignore what we don’t want to hear.  We know it’s just delaying the realization of the truth but if we can hold on just a little longer maybe everything will fall into place.

I’m pretty stubborn and apparently I can justify just about anything. Surely there is room for negotiation or at least a little tweaking. Spirit is always listening and spirit answers.

I’ve been working on communication with spirit for awhile.  Reading, researching, asking and often writing all about tuning into spirit. Recently I had a “real” message pop through to my consciousness and  it was unmistakable.  Just like I’ve read and been told.

Conversations about investing in a business venture with a person I’ve only known through phone and email communication were getting intense. I clearly heard “he’s weird”.  I knew I didn’t think it; I knew I didn’t say it. I loved the clarity and the possibility that communication with spirit was opening up for me. It was a big moment to receive that insight.

So I cooled my heels for a whole two days.  Stepped away from the potential project and then slowly started saying “So he’s weird. Aren’t we all?”  It’s good info to know going forward but not something strong enough to discontinue talking about a potentially lucrative opportunity.

I convinced myself the information was just a comment and not a warning requiring a response or change of course. I was back into the thick of it. Communication with spirit requires some degree of interpretation.

Listening to spirit is one thing. Knowing precisely what to do with the information is another. Clear, conscious interpretation is essential.

Free Will is Flowing and We Get To Choose

I don’t think spirit really tells us what to do.  We have free will. We can (and often do) act on our own regardless of the signs and symbols along the way. It’s often unconscious. The whole purpose of communicating with spirit is to bring information that is beyond our knowledge to the forefront.

If something amazing happens and we don’t make a big deal out of it, what’s the sense of learning about communication with spirit? Spirit answers and it is our choice to listen.

Free will is impartial and we get to choose. Free will may support the idea where someone being weird is not a deal breaker and you continue to move forward. We are able to choose and follow free will.

Black Bird sitting on a telephone wire, listening to spirit speakA few days later I’m back into negotiations with the weird one.  I’m driving home and see one crow on a telephone wire that’s crossing right over the street. Nothing dramatic but crows have shown up for me at interesting times in the past. It’s wise to know and learn about your animal totem. Here in rural Maine I get to enjoy frequent interactions with birds, animals, and reptiles and pay attention to these wild visitors and the messages they carry.

So I’m curious about the crow but not really expecting anything.  Back at home I check email and find a message from the attorney who is reviewing documents for this amazingly lucrative opportunity. My attorney not only knows his stuff but can smell a bad deal and is making no qualms about telling me so. I’m mildly irritated and let him know I still want to move forward.

Apparently, the crow on the telephone wire did not make a big impression. The attorney continues providing much needed information that is contrary to my desire. I want what I want and feel lucky to have the weekend to let this simmer.

The weird guy sends more info, new docs and plenty of encouragement. I still want in. Spirit continues to listen and truly knows what I really need and want. Monday morning arrives, something finally clicks and even I’m surprised. I spontaneously write an email to the weird guy saying his information did not meet the basic threshold of commitment and wished him the best. Short, sweet and to the point.

It was still early morning. I stopped and thought maybe I should just wait and leave this email right here on my desktop and look at it later. A classic stall of uncertainty. Then something happened as spirit answered. I don’t know how my arm moved and suddenly there was a point and a click and the message was sent. Done!

It happened amazingly fast and was totally the opposite of what was going through my mind.  I sat there and shrugged at the disbelief of what had taken place. What moved me? I knew it was the right move although it was not at all what I wanted in my mind.

So What Does This Mean?

I’m disappointed and grateful at the same time.  I’m disappointed I didn’t get all the goodies I wanted. I’m grateful that spirit answered and I didn’t get too distracted from what is most important – learning to communicate with spirit.

Researching and writing about communication with spirit helped my inner guides to work through this situation and to get me to the right place and to hit the send button.

Spirit is always listening and spirit answers. What I really want is peace. Getting distracted from my work here would not yield what I really want.  And weird is not a suitable business partner.

Kudos to my attorney. Appreciation to whoever hit send!

So you’re asking and spirit answers. Do you like what you hear?

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